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A 3rd party source that has making career searching serious. Sadly, the frosting is a lot prettier than the cake under it. When a company is serious about finding honest career professionals and not just job applicants, they enlist the services of head hunters to find candidates. NotchUp pushes away the headhunter and offers that fee (after taking a percentage) and gives it to potential candidates. The candidates are allowed to calculate a price for which they will agree to interview with prospective employers. is marketed as a way to take out the middle headhunter and attract highly qualified candidates directly to the company itself. Instead of paying a headhunter, a company would pay both NotchUp & the candidate for the chance to interview and convince a candidate to leave her or his job for theirs. But there is far too much unspoken details that too many people do not learn about until after they sign up.

NotchUp is still in beta right and especially so after not playing so nicely with LinkedIn contact imports. At the beginning of this lucrative deal, members were able to import all of their LinkedIn contacts. Obviously both LinkedIn and members of LinkedIn wasn't too happy about that. So back to Beta NotchUp went. However, Google, Yahoo! and other tech giants are among the early companies using the service.

Many Web 2.0 job sites seem to be particularly effective while the utility of 1.0 sites has decreased. Very few, in my opinion, have a service I would call effective for innovative careers for now and the future. In addition, many of the candidates that companies want are already working in positions that they may not want to leave. But at the right price for just an interview, a company may be able to persuade someone to listen to an offer.

I do have concerns about how the service can be used for ill.

First - It seems more people may only be interested in the “How can I make money” aspect instead of the aspect of obtaining a better career or a career in a place that interests them more.

Second – Way too many people took advantage of using LinkedIn contacts to 'Invite' everyone they could and shouldn't have. This gives Notchup an aura of black and not very valuable. A lot of people are complaining and are already sick of NotchUp.

Third - NotchUp’s terms of use reads like a company that tries to sign up everyone and anyone only to turn around and sell their information to other companies.

9. NotchUp reserves the right to offer third party services and products to You based on the preferences that You identify in your registration and at any time thereafter; such offers may be made by NotchUp or by third parties

Number ten goes on to say that once you’re on a 3rd party mailing list NotchUp does not take responsibility or any ownership of how it is used -- not good.

The idea of NotchUp is a great one. Companies pay headhunters a lot of money just to have the privilege of interviewing a candidate. On the other side, what candidate hasn't been frustrated, put off or straight out lied to by unethical recruiters and headhunters? My hope is that NotchUp is a caveman to career search innovation and websites will evolve to a better method of matching companies with career professionals that do not offer telemarketing and work at home scams.


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