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Today's world is interesting but challenging. While the human population continues to grow the planet has remained the same size and has not adapted to the increasing numbers. New gadgets are constantly being built to simplify and entertain our lives in a rapid tempo. Technology is advancing, but are we headed towards an undistinguishable human race?

We are a world of technology. At almost every cafe or discussion group, some form of debate on the impact of global technology, self-improvement or meaningless entertainment can be found. Many people who have crashed and burned from the corporate world left it behind them as useless garbage and moved into a simpler life.

Too many of us have become addicted to particular corporate habits that seem on the surface to be crucial and the only way of going about the business of living. We buy into the latest and greatest corporate 'work work work' attitudes. We read and we listen to the new advances in web technology to work harder (but not always smarter) and we sometimes buy the newest absurdity in technological humor such as the Humping Dog USB port to make our cubicle days not so Dilbert like.

The Trend of Green

Whether for genuine belief or simply to make money in a less saturated market, companies would like us to believe in a healthier lifestyle movement towards a better way, a less challenging way. Many advertisements, infomercials and in store demonstrations offer us opportunities of healthier and longer lives through natural means. But do we want to live longer in an environment that we're not happy to begin with?

The trick to leaving the rat race is to leave the maze and build a labyrinth you actually enjoy running around in. Someone who has spent too many years in the corporate world may leave it for a completely different career that appears to be more of a mid life crisis than a career change. However, more people are choosing what they love to do verses what they’ve been told is a ‘money maker’.

We live in a time with numerous possibilities. Many people are striking out on their own creating something that is innovative and feels right to them, rather then spending their energy and time on someone else’s profit. Some people never feel comfortable in a corporate environment. Instead of forcing your round piece self into a square shaped corporate environment, consider what you love to do and figure out how you can make a career from it


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