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Ten Warning Signs That Your Not happy In Your Current Job

Ten Warning Signs That Your Not happy In Your Current Job

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Knowing when to start looking for a new job is extremely delicate. Having a difficult couple of weeks isnít a good quality reason to leave your current position, but than again, you may need to look at the details of why your having a difficult couple of weeks. So how do you know when it's time to go? Before jumping ship under the assumption that a new position will make all your problems vanish, try to make changes in your current position. If trying to make changes proves useless, you'll be more confident that looking for a new position is the right thing to do. Here are ten warning signs to help you decide to stay or go.

The Ten Humorous Clues

  1. The most rewarding thing you did this week was polish all of your Bic pens giving them a beautiful shine.
  2. Your boss keeps forgetting your name even though you two have work together for more than 6 months and had no problems remembering it until recently.
  3. You constantly daydream about being a forest ranger.
  4. When you close your eyes to sleep, you still see images of what you did during the day (or worse - your boss).
  5. You now cry when you watch the move Office Space
  6. You tend to get sympathy whenever you mention where you work.
  7. You swear someone slowed down all of the clocks to operate at half the speed they're supposed to.
  8. You wish you would have remembered to record today's Jerry Springer episode
  9. Your start questioning why all of the windows are impossible to open.
  10. You read all of the comics online in the morning and check back in the middle of the day to see if tomorrow's comic has been uploaded yet.

You no longer give 100%

Everyone goes through slumps, bad days and even has a bad week or two when we just don't feel like what we do at our job matters and in knowing this we simply don't care and not give our best. When that week turns into months something needs to change.

Burnt Out, overworked, under worked, under challenged, or out of your depth; If lack of motivation is the only issue, it may be possible to affect change within your current company by requesting different responsibilities, more training, or another position. However, if none of these options is available, it's time to update your resume.

You start to understand and sympathize with the disgruntled employees you use to stay away from.

If you find yourself drawn toward the malcontents, the people who derive pleasure from complaining about their boss, the declining benefits, and the unreasonable overtime than you should be considering changes. After work and at social events do you complain more about your do than you use to? Dread going back to work after your days off?

Your skills are becoming obsolete and your company does not offers opportunities to update them.

Are you able to keep your skills up to date? What would happen if your company went decided to terminate your department and you were forced back into the job market? Do you think you would struggle to find a better or even an equivalent position based on your skills? If this is the case, remedy the situation in your current position by attending a couple of work skill courses. Ask your Personnel Manager if they offer any educational reimbursement programs. A lot of companies want to keep their employees and the best way to do that is by working with them.

Your work spirit is at an all time low.

Do you feel the work you do or do you as an employee feel valued? The degree to which someone needs to feel valued to be happy in a job varies greatly from person to person. Some people are perfectly content never to receive a word of praise or public acknowledgment of their achievements. For others, this type of recognition is just as important as a generous salary.

Salary doesn't match your life.

If you feel you are being underpaid remember why you took the job with the salary offered. Was the company offering something in exchange for a low paying salary? If you took a temporary position that has turned permanent and the salary didn't rise with the new standing, than that may be negotiable with your company. Being paid inadequately can be particularly irritating if you find out that one of your less experienced or less qualified co-workers is being paid more.

You no longer like the city you live in.

Maybe the job is just one of the domino effects for the fact that you simply do not like the city where you live. Can you transfer to a different city with the same company?

Not like it was.

When you were hired your job was exactly what you wanted. However with new changes, new management or new anything everything has changed.
If you're no longer working in the same environment into which you were originally hired and it is making you miserable you basically have three choices: 

  1. Learn to accept the new changes
  2. Make the most of the situation     
  3. Quit

Your never on time and taking more days off

If you feel like you become physically ill upon arriving at work than there isn't a lot the company can do to help you. If you can afford to take a few days off to clear your head and re-charge your batteries than do so.

Your doing a lot of thinking at work that has nothing to do with work.

When the work doesn't challenge you and the minutes drag on to torture you it is time that something needs to change. Can you transfer into a new and different position? If not, take a weekend to reevaluate your professional life.

Your friends notice you're a lot more depressed or upset lately.

If the people close to you start noticing that you're acting angry or depressed and tell you that you haven't been acting 'normal' than this could be a major sign.

If your job is making you unhappy to the point that your mood and health are suffering, than it's not going to pass easily. Stress-related illness like migraines, insomnia, depression, anxiety or frequent infections or other illnesses are all signs that your job worries are taking a toll on your physical health and your job may not be worth it.


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