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My Weight Loss Story  - The New Year Resolutions

My Weight Loss Story - The New Year Resolutions

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With the new year, one of the most popular resolutions is losing weight. I've never published the what's and why's I decided to finally do something about my access weight. They say that the best bloggers / writers use personal experience; so here is my success story that doesn't have and possibly never will have a "The End" conclusion. At the bottom, I have included some possible tips, tricks and hopefully helpful suggestions.

It's now been a little over one year from the time I started dating someone on the rebound of a personal tragedy. Have you ever heard that phase, "never date during or immediately after a misfortune"? It's true, for the same reasons you shouldn't jump right back into a serious relationship after ending one (for the majority of people,) you shouldn't jump into a relationship after any kind of major misfortune or personal tragedy.

This belief is from watching friend's do the 'Rebound' thing and promising myself "Oh I would never do that!" and than doing it myself last year... So this is from my own personal experience.

Don't rebound: your choices tend to be guided by what you currently think you can only get due to the temporarily loss of confidence of what you actually know you can get. Rather, it's a relationship, career opportunities or weight loss.

For several months I let the relationship take me places I would have never gone if I had been thinking positively. I was already overweight, but I gained even more. I accepted a job (not a career, there's a difference) with a company that was ruthlessly substandard, I had low self-esteem, I dressed mousy and most of the time, I hid myself away from the world. When I finally got tired of his lies, the job's lies and bad management and finally just got tired of being miserable, I kicked them all to the curb and accepted that I could do better and I indeed deserved better.

  • I kicked the boyfriend out of my life
  • I quite the job and found a wonderful career
  • I threw away all the mousy clothes that was just plain ugly
  • I joined a gym

I'm making this all sound pretty easy, aren't I? It wasn't. Kicking the substandard boyfriend out was the hardest thing to do because at the time, my self-confidence needed to be needed and wanted. However, he didn't need and barely wanted me for more than just a trophy girlfriend. The first couple of months were the hardest, but I got over him by reminding myself (over and over) that I could do better and I indeed deserved better!

When I first joined the gym, I had the whispering spring wind chant of "I will use the gym every day." The first couple of months, I used it for the sauna, the jacuzzi and a little exercise. I used those minor trips as "see I'm doing what I said I would" excuse. No I wasn't. I had only changed the illusion.

It wasn't until after these couple of months of getting over the ex and pretending I was using the gym and going out to different social events that I knew I wasn't that much happier than when I started. I wanted it, I just wasn't sure how to do it. The problem was that I had a bunch of little wants but the wants were thrown into a pile without any clear notion of making them reality. Than one day and I genuinely don't remember what sparked my dedication... but I genuinely wanted to be more. I wanted to be happy, content, satisfied, fulfilled and possibly every other positive word in the English dictionary.

I wanted to pursue the hobbies and interests I had always wanted but have been too shy or inhibited to try.

  • I joined a martial arts class and started using the gym as a gym.
  • I found a weekly night club that played music I really liked and started dancing for my own personal enjoyment.
  • I stopped drinking soda pop (90% of the time) and didn't drink when I went dancing.
  • I started drinking more water, reduced and limited my fast food meals and stated eating fruits, veggies and just basically healthier.

However, I love dessert. I made a point that dessert was a luxury. If I have dessert, I make sure to exercise the next day, this way I'm not depriving myself of something I love. Good culinary dinning is one of my hobbies. I just need to balance it with exercise. medical

Other things I did.

With the renewed free spirit in pursuing my leisure interests, I found that other positive opportunities started appearing in my life. Interests that once only nudged my curiosity became actual possibilities that I could try. With karate class, my self confidence started building and dormant interests starting waking up to the potential.

However, not everyone I knew was happy for me. A couple of people I thought were my friends or at least good acquaintances started treating me differently. For a lack of better words or phrases, I felt like I was being bullied and taunted into arguments regarding what seemed like inconsequential issues. I had to take a hard look at the relationship I held with these people and I was in denial. I didn't want to admit that "misery loves company" and I was leaving the city of Misery for Happiness.

I know that sounds so cheesy, but it's true and it hurt. I had to let these people go, otherwise they would drag me back to Misery. It's an ok place to visit, but not to live in...Oh who am I kidding, I hate Misery! I may go there every once in a while, but I refuse to settle down in that place.

As of when I started this escapade, I have now lost 50 pounds, have started some new friendships and have gained three times that amount in positive aspects. I have medical problems where some could say is reason enough not to try. However that's just anther excuse. I may have limits, but my spirit doesn't and I'm determined in the determination that my body will give up before my spirit does.

With the new year, one of the most popular resolutions is losing weight. So her are a few suggestions that may work for you. These tips/tricks/suggestions are both from my personal experience that helped me lose weight and were found online at various websites. The important part is to do what feels right for you. Don't worry about what worked for someone else!

  • Learn about food, and keep a food log such as the one that can be found online at various websites
  • Exercise
  • Find an activity that you enjoy or have always wanted to try.
  • Stop drinking soda pop
  • Limit / reduce / stop eating fast food
  • Become vegetarian
  • Forget the diet, make a lifestyle change - Throw away all the junk in your kitchen/ refrigerator.
  • Use a weight tracker spreadsheet
  • Don't demean yourself for breaking a few rules. Remember that you are changing your life and that is not an easy task.

If diets work for you, research which ones have had the most success and try one.
The Diet Channel says "Stay Focused on Healthy, Not Thin"

Make the following your mantra "eat to live, not live to eat" - Yea, I've tried saying that at my favorite restaurant with a delicious plate of fettuccini with garlic white sitting in front of me... Not easy, just remember to exercise the next day.

Get rid of the negative things in your life. Whether it's a person or a job, you have the ability to change and you deserve better. One of my favorite definitions is - Insanity: Doing the exact same thing each time but expecting different results; each time.


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