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After a four-year renovation and expansion the Griffith Observatory has reopened their doors. The Griffith Observatory holds contrasting looks depending on the weather, the season and even the time of day you're looking at the building. The design is simple enough, as if the architect wanted to humbly attract visitors without too many pre conceived notions of grandeur. Yet, it is also enchanting and majestic luring visitors with it dazzling location on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in L.A.'s Griffith Park.

Each exhibit emphasizes new discoveries and revives possible forgotten curiosities of science themed mysteries. However, it's the Gottlieb Transit Corridor and the breathtaking views of Los Angeles as well as the ocean, and all of the city lights against a black sky and the transition between them all that enchants visitors of all ages and cultures.

How The Griffith Observatory and other museums and observatories are able to bring together such fantastic manifestations have always been fascinating to me. To make guests and visitors so passionate regarding their beloved landmarks takes incredible collaboration, dedication and a team of professionals. These professionals and specialist are passionate in their work which drives them to bring forth the very best of the museums and observatories that they work in.

Some (but definitely not all) of the important museum careers are summarized below.

Development Officer

Development which in different organizations or industries is also called a Fundraising Manager raise money from private sources to support the museum's programs and activities as well as other people enter this capital projects. Development Officers have a degree and possess outstanding communications and listening skills.

Museum Technicians / Museum Specialists

They work closely with curators and collection managers to research objects in the collection, assist scholars in using the collection and answer public inquiries. Good Museum Technicians may be promoted to be Museum Specialists, which provides more professional opportunities.

Museum Publications - Editor / Writer

Editors/writers oversee the production of printed material, including exhibit labels and brochures and catalogs, for the museum.

Exhibit Designer / Specialists

Exhibit designers work from themes developed by the Curators to best present the contents of an exhibition to the public. Specialists actually build the exhibits and in large shops are experts in specific fields such as model making, cabinetry, lighting, bracketing ( the wires that hold objects)


The Museum Educator develops, implements, evaluates the museums educational programs with the goal of facilitating understanding and interpretations of the exhibitions, collections and other resources.


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