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Museum Publications - Editor /Writer

Average Annual Salary for Museum Publications:

Salary ranges for Museum Publications - Editor /Writer range from low $30,000 to mid $30,000

Necessary Education for an Museum Publications Career:

A Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Writing / Communications»» with independent studies of interest to museums.

What is Museum Publications in a nutshell?

Museum Publications Editors/writers oversee the production of printed material, including exhibit labels and brochures and catalogs, for the museum.

Types of Publication Writer / Editor jobs:

Job opportunities for writers / Editors are unlimited.

Museum Publications writers and editors Skills & Responsibilities:

Increasingly editors/writers must utilize web sites and multi-media content. An editor/writer must have a great command of the English language including grammar, and style standards.

Writers and editors must be able to express ideas clearly and logically and should love to write. Creativity, curiosity, a broad range of knowledge, self-motivation, and perseverance also are valuable. Writers and editors must demonstrate good judgment and a strong sense of ethics in deciding what material to publish. Editors also need tact and the ability to guide and encourage others in their work.

Future Outlook for Museum publications writers and editors:

Employment of Museum Publications writers and editors is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through the year 2014.


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