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Attention Xbox junkies: You might be able to justify spending hours perfecting your gaming techniques instead of pitching in with the household chores. You might even say you're just doing your job.

Mark Baldwin who has taught game design development at Westwood College Online said The game industry is a sexy industry, the same way the movie industry is sexy Baldwin says. Because of that, there are a huge number of people trying to get in. You have to do everything you can to compete.

While it's true that video game retail sales reached over $9 billion in 2004, video game designing and programming is work and is hard work. Sometimes very tedious as one person may work on the same aspect of the game for weeks. Video game development is not a one man project. It involves a team working together in conceiving the idea of the game, creating, producing and testing. The game will also go through the department that will design the package it will come in; not to mention all of the materials that will accompany the package and any accessories for the game.

A storyboard consists of rough sketches and technical instructions sequentially organized to depict each scene of the game. What makes a video game different from a movie story in reference to storyboards is that a video game can have thousands of outcomes. Therefore various levels, or worlds, of the game must be sketched out.

When the writers and artist have a general idea of what characters they want, software designers will start to create the characters which may be changed a dozen times until everyone agrees on the look of each character. The character creation than begins to be created into controllable 3D characters.

After the basic character concept creation, the game programmers will bring the character to life. There are several ways this can happen. One technique is to record the motions of a human actor which are captured using a special suit of sensors to represent the control points of the character's skeleton. To save time and 2 pages of other ways video games are created I'm moving into the environment of games.

The most important aspect (in my opinion) of modern game creation is the video game environment. Being something of a video geek hag, I believe the environment is a crucial part to the video game.

Cunning touches like reflections and varied cloud patterns may go unnoticed by players, but they help create a much more detailed environment. Anther crucial part is sound effects. A twig snapping under a character's foot can signal approaching danger and the sound of wings on flapping dragon is just cool. All of this is created by a team of computer people that create each tiny part of the game.

Making all of the game elements work together in total synchronization is part of the code. Programming code is the computer language instructions that controls every aspect of the game. Most games are written with custom code based on the C programming language.

Completing a game also includes sound effects, voice over actors, models if humans are in the game and than there this music...Bands and or live orchestras is often used for the background music. Some game companies use only live musicians while others will use pre recorded music. I personally believe that using original music recorded by orchestras and bands adds anther layer of quality to the game.

Once the game is completed by designers it enters the postproduction phase. This is where the game will go through extensive testing, solving any existing problems or weird quirks that designers may have missed.

Being a game tester is much more than just playing the game. Adam Noce says "There are two types of testers at a publisher: functional testers and certification testers. Certification testers make sure the game adheres to a very strict set of standards that each console maker has set up. Functional testers literally play the game hundreds of times through to make sure there is nothing wrong with it. When they find something wrong, they write up a detailed report for the game developer."

bow wowAfter the game passes all inspections and is deemed complete. It than goes to other departments that will design the DVD Label, box and box insert such as instructions.

Marketing than puts together a strategy on how to market the game to potential retailers which in turn will sell it to customers. See Marketing & Promotions Representative Careers»» for more information

AND THAN it can be distributed.

Each department has a set of guidelines that will help make the video game a success. It's long process but not always an easy one. However, the reward of knowing that you help make a game or helped make the game a success is tremendous.

A study, commissioned by the Entertainment Software Association and conducted by J Gregory Sidak and Robert W. Crandall, stated that the video game industry supported 144,000 jobs nationwide in 2004, and is projected to grow to 265,000 by the end of 2009.


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