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Must of use want to know that something we did made a difference in anther's life. Some people donate to charity or give what we can no longer use to thrift shops. Others are speakers or authors. Other dedicate their career to finding solutions.

It can be easy to forget the people working directly in the heart of research. They're not in the limelight of the good causes but they're work is essential. The teams that discover new information can consist of several specialists as well as Assistants.

Medical Lab Technicians work in clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, and laboratories. They are a combination of medicine and various fields of science. They perform lab tests in a wide variety of areas such as hematology, immunology, and microbiology (study of microscopic organisms and their effects.)

Medical Laboratory Environments

Medical laboratory environments combine the use of research and medical instruments and techniques with the application of speculative knowledge to perform tests on tissue specimens, blood samples and other body fluids. The tests and procedures that Medical Laboratory Technologists perform provide critical information enabling doctors to diagnose, treat and monitor a patient's condition.

It was recently discovered that black soybeans could prevent Diabetes. A new study from Korea reveals a diet rich in black soybeans could help control weight, prevent diabetes, and lower fat and cholesterol levels. The study fed 32 rats a diet of black soybeans and fatty foods. After two weeks, the rats getting 10 percent of their energy from black soy gained half as much weight as rats not getting any black soy in their diets. The total cholesterol also dropped by 25 percent, and LDL cholesterol fell by 60 percent in the black soy group. The study included Medical Lab Technicians in gathering information for documentation and study assistance.

In addition to an interest in medicine a medical laboratory technician must be accurate and dedicate. They should be self-motivated, and take the initiative to do what must be done everyday. Medical laboratory technicians are problem solvers and like challenge and responsibility.

Medical Laboratory Technicians are one of the largest groups of health care professionals, and their career outlook is very positive due to an impending national shortages. Medical Laboratory Technicians also find challenging employment in other areas than in laboratories. Public health laboratories to forensic and pharmaceutical laboratories to consulting; Medical Laboratory Technicians have a variety of options.

Research & Product Development


Public Health/Infection Control

Quality Assurance/Total Quality Improvement

Forensic Biological Sciences

Anyone can make a difference in another's life. By taking one small step towards helping another, you can change the world.



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