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M B A Careers In Recycling Waste Management

M B A Careers In Recycling Waste Management

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MBA (Master of Business Administration) Careers In Recycling & Waste Management
Talking Trash - What is the connection between jobs and recycling?

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Use whatever slang is most popular at the moment but across America and throughout the world more and more people as well as organizations, businesses, and government agencies are collecting trash and other disposable materials for recycling. In America curbside recycling and commercial recycling has skyrocketed. The US Environmental Protection Agency has reported on their site that the number of curbside recycling programs has grown 500 percent over the past 5 years. In addition they say that recycling is responsible for recovering more than one quarter of all waste generated in the United States.

With the increase of recycling & waste recovery intensifying, this also means the number of opportunities in recycling & waste management is greater than ever.

  1. Recycling businesses that haul recyclable materials
  2. Businesses that process the recyclable materials
  3. Businesses that manufacture and distribute products made with recycled content sell to businesses for resell or direct to consumer sales.

All of these recycling businesses put people to work. The US Department of Labor is predicting that the rate of growth will be much faster than average for all employees and careers in Recycling & Waste Management. Experienced employees who obtain a higher education in Management will be able to move into the much in demand Management positions.

As the preference for a safe and clean environment increases, employees with an MBA in recycling & waste management will find favorable opportunities, particularly in the private sector, as more State and local governments contract out.

The US Environmental Protection Agency wrote on their site that 103,000 jobs (2.7%) of all manufacturing jobs in the Northeast region of the United States are credited to the recycling industry.

With a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, several career opportunities are made available.

  • Private / Non Profit Solid Waste Management / Recycling Manager
  • City Recycling Coordinator
  • Solid Waste Manager
  • Environmental Electronics and Environmental Specialist Management
  • Regional Ecologist
  • Waste Strategy Consultant
  • Waste Transportation Management
  • Operations & Maintenance Management
  • Sales Representatives Management
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Management

According to the US Department of Labor's web site Hazardous Materials Removal Workers (non Management) median hourly earnings are $16.02.

In Berkeley, CA a hiring classification advertisement for a Recycling Manager paid approximately $8,000 a month at the beginning of their employment.

In Baltimore, MD a hiring classification advertisement for a City Recycling Coordinator paid a salary of approximately $52,000 annually.

Across the Atlantic in Midlands, UK advertisements for a Waste Strategy Consultant offered a salary of 18-25 GBP ($33,692to $ 46,795)

I could go on and on with the currently occupied and available career titles but I believe this shows just how approachable the industry is.


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