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Learning More About Photography

A photographer takes pictures of people, places, objects, and events.

Using that sentence by itself left me wondering what's so hard about that? Point, click, print, done. Yet, photography is both an artistic and technical art form that tries to artistically capture and evoke a mood, feeling, or drama surrounding a particular subject. A photographer uses they're camera much the way an artist uses a brush, as a tool to capture the unique perspective of the world around him.

A photography artist must practice extensively in order to obtain the technical knowledge of light, camera settings, lenses, film, filters and computer software and than apply this knowledge creatively. Photography isn't a job you enter for the cool fringe benefits. A photographer makes the next logical step into photography because there isn't anther choice that will make the person feel natural. At a author's book signing, I listened to the author say "Don't become a writer, it's a horrible business, there's no money in it for writers. You don't become a writer to make money, you become a writer because you have to."

I feel the same thing can be said about any artistic art form. You don't follow your natural instincts because you want to make a lot of money; you do it because you have no other choice. It's what drives you, inspires you and is just as natural to you as breathing. Making money from through your art is the bonus not the bottom line.

In a way you could say that photographers are voyageurs.

Photography»» is an art form that touches you and makes anther pause. It's an emotional art form. They can shock an individual, immersing the seer in a wave of guilt or forces someone to see things that they have never seen before.

  • They introduce the beauty of a flower providing the joy of discovery
  • They give us the ability to remember the fallen, and the brave.
  • They are news from the war zone and the multi-colored fashion accessories.
  • They are windows to anther world 2,000 miles away or on a Saturday night in any city.

  • They record a moment of life and hold on to it.

    Surreal, revolutionary, sexy, fashionable, heart wrenching, sentimental and joyous. Photography is and yet is not a great deal more than the outer shell of a compendium of unwritten words. They are emblems of an attitude to life, visual statements of beauty, postcards from a exotic location. We buy photography because we want to be part of their world, if even for that single moment captured in a poster.

    With dreamlike emphasis and using heightened realism and fine details, her photographs combine science with art. Currently Annie is working on a book which fuses photography with women and they're motorcycles creating an eulogy of power-driven thoroughbred beauty. "I anticipate the completion of this project within the next couple of months." - Annie Fourguette

    Photography offers an abundance of diversity for individualist passions.

    Underwater photography introduces a world where seers can not possibly believe exists on the planet. The colors are so brilliant that you doubt the simplistic beauty wasn't altered.

    Advertising Photography
    Photographers who love trends and the general make up of marketing will find success for an advertising agency. Here, they will be conceptualizing ad for marketing and marketing campaigns.

    Other types of photographers include:

    • Medical Photography
    • Criminal Forensic Photography
    • Event Photography
    ...and of course Portrait Photography.

    When you hire a photographer for family photos you commission a custom piece of art, you are commissioning an unique and exclusive pierce of artwork. These works of art are timeless heirlooms for you and your future generations to cherish. Future generations will be able to learn about their relatives.

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