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The stress of final exams is now finally over, the memories of your graduation are slowly fading, and you realize that you are totally unprepared for the future. Often times high school graduates experience this and they end up in dead-end jobs. Don’t let this happen to you. Get prepared for your future through school, employment, or internship programs.

just graduatedWhen looking for a career, the first mistake that most people make is asking, “What industry makes the most money?” Choosing a career or a position based only on money is not actually choosing a career, but rather, it is choosing a job. A job is simply something that gives you money to pay the bills, but a career is a meaningful position in which you are doing something that gives you enjoyment.

There’s rarely any joy in “jobs” and many people spend day after day complaining about their job. A career however offers more than money. It’s gives people the feeling that the work they are doing is actually contributing to something bigger than them.

A new high school graduate is full of dreams. Often times their dreams have to do with starting college, taking time off to travel, starting a job, or moving out on their own, but whatever the goal, the graduate should take the time to map it out in specific steps in order to achieve their goal.

By far, college is the most popular route, but it isn’t always ‘the next step to do’ for everyone. Some may prefer to take a year off from education while others do not have the repetitive mind-set to enroll in a four-year college.

The popularity of online education is making career training easier to achieve by providing enhanced education with highly experienced instructors and overcoming geographic limitations and time restrictions due to full time jobs. There are hundreds of career choices in hundreds of markets and many are not well advertised.

If you choose a job simply because it has a great salary you'll risk getting started in a career that holds no real appeal, and you’ll quickly become burnt out. Start by doing a self-assessment that shows how you can use the things you like to do in a career. You’ll be inspired to look for careers that will keep you motivated for years instead of months.

If you’re still unsure about what career education you want to follow, try volunteering or interviewing for a seasonal position. Many companies also have internship programs. This can help you decide if the career is right for you. Just because you love to cook doesn’t mean your love to cook as a full time career.

Get A Career, Not A JobOnce you decide on what you want to do as a career, network and then network some more. Networking is nothing more than an upgrade to the business term for what you already do, talk to people. A majority of employer openings aren't advertised because employers prefer to hire people through word of mouth. If a company has an internship program or a summer program this is the perfect chance for you to see if this is the career for you.

Don’t expect your first career position to be your dream position. Your dream position will arrive after you have experience and real-world skills. Don't assume that it is a company’s responsibility to help your career grow and advance. They will train you but it’s up to you to expand your own career. Remember that finding the career best for you can take weeks or even months. Try not to become discouraged and make a hasty decision.

Don’t be too proud or afraid to ask for advice. Your parents are one of the best resources for career advice. They have years of experience and can offer suggestions for starting on the right foot, cautions to watch out for and what to avoid. They also know you better than most people and can probably give you insights into what you would be good at.

There is no one right way to finding a career. Experiment and talk to a variety of people including school counselors, business professionals, local mentors and relatives. Don’t give in just because a specific job pays a lot of money. Your career should be a healthy balance of money, career satisfaction and happiness in life.



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