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Jobs That Let You Have Strange Hair

Jobs That Let You Have Strange Hair

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Jobs That Let You Have "Strange" Hair

exit HSWhether it's the multi colored Sideshow Bob dreads or Prince Purple Manic Panic, your hair defines you and you have no intention of changing it. Regrettably, corporate America isn't always supportive to individual expression and the shocking blue tresses may be grounds for termination or just not being hired...regardless of high talented or capable you are. While the company you choose to work for (apply to) definitely plays a role, you do have choices that do not always include a uniform and a nametag.

While workers creative fields tend to get away with more free spirited styles because of their line of work and client interaction, the bottom line is what your employers are like. Learn a little more about the employer and the environment before you apply for the position or buy the dye and play with the scissors.

Here's are some job titles that offer more hairstyle easygoingness.


What they do:
Prepare espresso drinks and other beverages
Customer Service

Why the job allows it: Although Baristas work directly with the customer, Free spirited individuals tend to attract the conservative corporate crowd as a place to relax and not be so formal.


What they do:
Change and enhance the appearance of hair, nails and skin through different treatments.

Why the job allows it:
Cosmetologist's personal style is what shows people a little bit of your creative hair style. A Cosmetologist is their own advertisement.

''Massage Therapist''»»

What they do:

Manipulate the skin tissue by rubbing it into relaxation.

Why the job allows it:
Massage therapists dispense therapeutic massages for relaxation.

Copy Editor

What they do:

Edit written work to prepare it for publication.

Why the job allows it:

A lot of their time is spent with a guide book in one hand and a red pen in the other. If their hair is red too, it just makes them a little more distinguishable.

Theater Worker

What they do:

Assist in ushering, box-office sales and set construction.

Why the job allows it:
In a line of work where most people are wearing costumes, your hair simply becomes a working prop.

Software Development Engineer

What they do:
Create and maintain software applications.

Why the job allows it:
The job tends to be more behind-the-scenes so less restriction may apply.

Web Designer

What they do:
Use graphic design, HTML and other coding elements to create Internet sites.

Why the job allows it:
It combines technology and creativity, so a little self-expression is expected.


What they do:
Take photos professionally.

Why the job allows it:
Whether you're behind the camera or developing film in a dark room, the focus is on what your camera is aimed at, not how you wear your hair.

Tattoo Artist

What they do: Provide skin art in clean and safe enviroment

Why the job allows it: The environment is creative and your hair is free to follow.

Mascot (pro sports or theme parks)

What they do:
Dress up and represent a team or company.

Why the job allows it:
If your uniform involves dressing up in a fully covered chicken suit or something like it, no one is going to see it anyways.

Costume Designer»»

What they do: Make & put together creative alterations to costumes and put together outfits to help create the characters.

Why the job allows it: Costume Designer personal style is what shows people a little bit of your creative hair style and they are their own advertisement.


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