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The Forbes five favorites job hunting websites.

  1. Monster
  2. Careerjournal
  4. Hotjobs
  5. Mediabistro

The two most popular career sites are and Yahoos Hot Jobs They both offer something that all job seekers can use. Nevertheless, it's often the smaller, singular industry sites that offer stronger listings within companies that are looking for the best possible match for their corporation.

To me, job searches are the most frustrating task a person has and yet it is also the most important. Your job search has to be just as meticulous as the work you will perform for your employer. With hundreds of possibilities all saying they are the 'best'; it can quickly become the most daunting project.

To help you avoid dizzying yourself, I took on the task of looking at different job websites to see what they each offered. I'm really picky when it comes to web sites. I spend most of my life online so I want my information to be

  • Easy on my eyes -No loud or obvious color schemes
  • Easy to find - Good Navigation
  • Relevant -Site Content & Up to date

Not an easy task was it to consider websites in a matter of just a few moments to a few minutes and decide if the site was worth keeping. I reviewed approximately 100 different job hunting websites and was pretty judgmental on narrowing down my choices. If the site was too loud or over crowed with information and the job search form itself was difficult to locate I clicked out. If the results of a straightforward job search were bad or just not well organized, I clicked out. Lastly if the site was so generic that it looked like the past 5 or reminded me of 5 other sites I had already been to, I clicked out.

To save time & space I didn't review the already hugely popular sites like Careerbuilder and Monster. They're great sites and should be utilized but we already know that. These are sites that people may not know about.

To make things a bit easier I cataloged the websites into 4 groups.

**General Job Websites**

**Specialties / Industry Specific Websites**

**Jobs for Students**

Websites Worth Mentioning - Career & Job Related


  1. I know just what you mean by dizzying yourself. Even once I had chosen my favourite job search sites I still find tracking all of the different searches and re-applying them to be a very messy task. I found some nice ways to simplify this process using RSS and free tools and have blogged about them for anyone interested.

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