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Cheapies - Will this be anther word to add to the Urban Dictionary? I admit, if Cheapies is a title I'm one. Cheapies like to have fun. We just like to find more budget friendly ways to do it. A Cheapy's idea of a fun night out is more involved than a trip to the all-you-can-eat buffet, then home again to watch movies ripped off from a free preview of HBO. Free doesn't have to mean low quality. In contradiction, many "Free" fun can be exceptionally entertaining.

Happy Hour

Happy hour is the best time to get deals on drinks and free or inexpensive munchies. Most of the quality Happy Hours»» seem to always be located in touristy areas so before you go, see the sights and than get a drink and some pre dinner yummies. Check out the online city guides to find the best Happy Hours.


As much as I would love to visit each and every museums (website) in the world to find out who offers free entrances on what days... I simply don't have a lack of a life to that extent. However, I am including the next best thing; a lists of museums so that you can find whichever one you may desire visiting.

List of International Museums »»
List of US Museums»»
List of notable museums and galleries »»

If you absolutely adore museums,»» considering working for one.

Museum Publications Editor / Writer»»


Depending on what state you are visiting or living in will set the mood. You can pack a lunch or a light dinner and spend an hour or two outdoors. Parks»» are perfect places to relax, read a book or take a special someone for some quite quality time. This idea can also work for famous city landmarks. National Park Service»» or you can always do a local search for the best parks in your area.


Check out the websites for your local movie»» theaters. Theaters are now jumping in on the trend of previewing movies for free. The movies are normally ones that are not expected to make the top 10 list on opening day and they're hoping word of mouth will generate interest.


Festivals sounds all merry and joyful, but really the merchants are hoping that you'll visit them outside the festival after you get a sampling of their wares. Festivals offer a variety of entertainment. From unknown bands to arts and crafts to people watching. Need to find a festival? try Festivals dot com»»

Stay Home

Both men and women alike love home cooked meals.»» Go for a walk around your area if you live in a trendy area and than go home to a dinner that is almost complete and finish with a good movie of their choice or something you know they like.


I know this may sound like a cheese out... however, libraries»» are a great way to see entertainment for free. Unknown artists use their inexpensive or free facilities to attract clients and admirers. In addition, I've noticed lately that libraries are now showing the classic old movies that you rarely see in movie theaters. I noticed on one library flyer that they are going to be celebrating Edgar Allan Poe's birthday in January with a Edgar Allan Poe biography display, movie and free birthday cake... yum


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