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Plato said that ideas rule the world. Thoughts and ideas do indeed make or unmake a child in development. The kinds of thoughts we each entertain, greatly influences the positive and negative of the people around us. We are constantly surrounded by commercial images that propel us to think. If we are around someone in an especially bad mood, we can feel the force of it, even if he doesn't say a word. Thoughts can influence every aspect of our lives.

The power of thought is one of the most important human qualities. It's free and subject to no rules or law. The power of a thought can make a person believe they are terminally sick or heal them back to health from what should have been a terminal disease.

From thoughts come ideas and from ideas come new inventions and international famous businesses.

  • Crayola brand crayons started as a need for a child friendly school instrument.
  • Post It Notes was first one of the created "failures" in a series of experiments in trying to create a heavy adhesive.

Our thoughts can be either brain storming genius or mind graffiti.

There is no escaping the truth that we live in somber times. Thoughts have power and whether they are negative or positive, we never really know just how powerful a given thought will be to anther person. It is not just thinking that something will happen that makes it happen, it is also believing it. Instantly, we have the power to turn the flow of positive or negative with our feelings.

We can look upon ourselves as magnets that attract the quality of thought that matches the totality of who we want to be. When someone is especially rude at us, we may develop a negative thought. At that moment, the question is how can we reverse it before it goes out into the world again causing a domino's effect of more negative thoughts?

When we can choose positive thoughts over negative ones, we make the world a better place simply by the way we think and feel in our own lives at that moment. Too often we belittle our potential. To me, our challenge is to become more of what we really are, for despite our imperfections each of us has the potential for greatness.


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