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How to Take the SAT Test: Dates and Schedule

How to Take the SAT Test: Dates and Schedule

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SAT test date scheduleThe SAT Reasoning Test is administered 7 times per year, each date falling on a Saturday. For each date, a second administration is offered the following Sunday to accommodate religious observances.

US students

US students taking the SAT need to remember three dates:

  • The test date
  • The registration date, which falls roughly a month prior
  • The late registration deadline, 1-2 weeks after the first registration due date

US students registering by the late registration deadline pay a $23 late fee. US students include those testing inside the US, its territories and Puerto Rico.

Non-US students

Students taking the SAT outside the US need to remember three dates:

  • The test date, which is the same as in the US
  • The registration date, which is the same as in the US
  • The optional early registration date roughly two weeks prior to the regular registration date.

Students testing outside the US have no late registration option, and must have submitted their registration by the regular registration due date.

On March 14, no SAT Test is offered outside the US.

SAT Test date schedule

Test date    Registration date    US late reg.   Non-US early reg.
Oct 4, 2008   Sept 9, 2008   Sept 16, 2008   Aug 26, 2008
Nov 1, 2008   Sept 26, 2008   Oct 10, 2008   Sept 10, 2008
Dec 6, 2008   Nov 5, 2008   Nov 18, 2008   Oct 15, 2008
Jan 24, 2009   Dec 26, 2008   Jan 6, 2009   Dec 3, 2008
Mar 14, 2009   Feb 10, 2009   Feb 24, 2009    N/A
May 2, 2009   Mar 31, 2009   Apr 9, 2009   Mar 11, 2009
Jun 6, 2009   May 5, 2009   May 15, 2009   Apr 15, 2009

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Related Careers

  1. Medical Transcription
  2. Accountant
  3. Registered Nurse (RN)
  4. Automotive Service Technician
  5. Acupuncturist
  6. Brand Development Representative
  7. Occupational Therapy Assistants
  8. Social Service Worker
  9. Software Tester
  10. Nutrition Specialist
  11. Veterinary Physical Therapists
  12. Management Analysts
  13. Medical Records Technician
  14. Motorboat Mechanic
  15. Physical Therapist Assistant
  16. Dietetic Technician
  17. Business Administration Manager
  18. Multimedia Designer
  19. Fundraising Manager
  20. Computer Animator
  21. Oriental Medicine and Therapy
  22. Dialysis Technician
  23. Dental Assistant
  24. Brand Development Marketer
  25. Human Resource Manager
  26. Marketing Manager
  27. Network Security Analyst
  28. Web Designer
  29. Museum Education Specialist
  30. Home Health Aide Care Giver
  31. Health Educator
  32. Court Reporter
  33. Legal Nurse Consultant
  34. Paralegal Nurse
  35. Visitors Bureau Manager
  36. Veterinary Technician
  37. Agricultural Engineer
  38. Architectural Drafters
  39. Deep Tissue Treatment Therapist
  40. Art Director
  41. Fashion Merchandiser
  42. Actuary
  43. Database Administrator
  44. Bookkeeper
  45. Executive Secretary
  46. Publisher
  47. Respiratory Therapist
  48. Art Therapist
  49. Commercial Truck Driver
  50. Aquarist
  51. Research chef
  52. Environment Designer
  53. Trade Show Organizer
  54. Loan Manager
  55. Financial Loan Manager
  56. Fashion Photographer
  57. Food Service Managers
  58. Special Event Coordinator
  59. Film & Video Sound Engineers
  60. Radio & Television Personality Broadcaster
  61. Legal Secretary
  62. Pharmacy Tech
  63. Promoter
  64. Broadcaster
  65. Computer Scientist
  66. Compensation Manager
  67. Senior Software Engineer
  68. Naturopathic doctor
  69. Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)
  70. Health Administration/Management
  71. Advertising Coordinator
  72. Asset Management
  73. Ultrasound Technologists and Medical Sonographers


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