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How To Answer Interview Questions - What is your best skill?

How To Answer Interview Questions - What is your best skill?

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This question may be asked in a different way: "What do you do best?"

Job InterviewRegardless of how this question is asked, it demands that you praise yourself. While some people are uncomfortable doing this, it is important to let your interviewer know what skills you excel at. For example:

  • Do you easily calm down angry customers?
  • Do you find cash management easy?
  • Are you good at doing many things at once?
  • Are you calm and collected under pressure?
  • Do you have excellent phone skills?
  • Do you have specialized training or experience in a particular area?

(eHow: How to answer to "Tell Me About Yourself")

When you prepare for the job interview, think about what you are good at. Consider some of your recent accomplishments. You may not think your good grades are anything to brag about, but the employer may consider diligence a valuable trait.

If you can come up with one or two things you excel at, and relate them to the work you will be doing in the position you are interviewing for, your potential employer will see your strengths as a company asset.

Example: I have excellent people skills and can relate to people well. One time, I intervened during a heated argument between two of my friends. I talked to both of them and helped them understand where they were each coming from, and they walked away on great terms. I think my mediating skills would really benefit your customer service department.

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