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How Much do Medical Assistants Make?

How Much do Medical Assistants Make?

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how much do medical assistants makeMedical assistants make a national average of $28,041, with some variation between states.

The highest medical assisting salaries in the country are found in Washington, DC, which pays its medical assistants around $35,640 per year on average. The highest paying state, Alaska, pays an average of around $33,500 to its medical assistants, while the lowest paying state, West Virginia, pays about $21,700.

Medical assistant wages typically vary based on experience and industry. Government-employed medical assistants typically earn the most, just above insurance carriers, which employ medical assistants to help with medical claims. In the health care industry, specialty hospitals generally pay the most.

Medical Assistant Salaries by State

The table below shows how much medical assistants make, on average, for each state in the US.

State Salary
Alabama $24,150
Alaska $33,530
Arizona $28,360
Arkansas $24,360
California $31,190
Colorado $30,740
Connecticut $32,680
Delaware $30,860
District of Columbia $35,640
Florida $26,880
Georgia $27,540
Hawaii $30,000
Idaho $30,210
Illinois $29,020
Indiana $27,120
Iowa $27,750
Kansas $25,510
Kentucky $25,080
Louisiana $22,640
Maine $28,040
Maryland $29,680
Massachusetts $32,940
Michigan $27,750
Minnesota $31,260
Mississippi $23,840
Missouri $25,740
Montana $26,960
Nebraska $26,530
Nevada $30,290
New Hampshire $30,370
New Jersey $31,810
New Mexico $26,280
New York $30,240
North Carolina $26,770
North Dakota $27,860
Ohio $25,930
Oklahoma $24,700
Oregon $30,690
Pennsylvania $26,880
Rhode Island $30,460
South Carolina $26,740
South Dakota $24,390
Tennessee $26,120
Texas $25,270
Utah $24,880
Vermont $30,410
Virginia $27,910
Washington $31,860
West Virginia $21,780
Wisconsin $28,950
Wyoming $23,520

Figures courtesy of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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