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Have you noticed that Halloween decorations went on the shelves in early September? Christmas decorations are not far behind and they may even be lurking behind retail curtains just waiting to jump out and sing 1001 Wishing you a merry Christmases. Along with holiday cheer comes seasonal jobs for some extra money. 'Tis the season not only for eating and giving -- but also for seasonal hiring.

fashion merchandise representitiveThe surge of temporary hiring inflates larger than holiday turkey for ten but not all of them may be as noticeable as ten foot LED Santa waving hello. Temporary work allows college students, stay at home parents and high school students a way to earn a few extra dollars. It also lets would be future employees a chance to experience what the company is like.

Here are some of the most popular seasonal jobs that will need temporary help.

Holiday Promotional Event Companies

Holiday promotional events pop up in a vast variety of projects. Everything from community parties to city festivals need to get the word out that a celebration is coming. But the companies that coordinate the events need help spreading the word about their services, products and promotions to avoid spreading their full-time employees too thin.

Retail Clerks

From Blockbuster to UPS to Forever 21 – retails stores are packed and they hire seasonal help to meet and greet customers.


Snob Birds received their nick name because certain seasons, holidays and times of year spark an increase in tourism in the sunny areas of the world where the sand is hot and the sun doesn’t share the sky with dreariness. Hotels, resorts and locale hospitality businesses need extra help with the front desk, housekeeping, wait staff, beauty salon assistance and banquet servers.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Don’t let the kids know this but not all the gifts are made by elves. The increase demand for goods for the holidays creates seasonal positions for markers, shippers, order takers and customer service.

Administrative Support

Data entry is at an all time high during the holiday season. Temporary help folks are needed in such areas as order receiving and processing, customer service, accounting and inventory.

Financial services End of year budgets are already dancing in the dreams of executives as they need to be processed in addition to receiving more orders this time of the year. CPA firms are also unusually busy during the first quarter handling tax preparation.


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