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High-Tech Institute (HTI) is a family of schools offering real-world career education in health care, technology, criminal justice and the arts. Operating nine US campuses under the name High-Tech Institute, plus over 13 additional campuses under the brands Anthem College, Anthem Institute, Allied College, Banner College, Banner Institute, and the Bryman School of Arizona, High-Tech Institute has advanced career-instructional facilities in 14 states across the nation.

High-Tech Institute's Mission

The school's mission is to provide quality postsecondary education focused on career success in the fields of allied health and technology, and to provide a learning environment that inspires students to realize their full career potential.

To fulfill this mission, High-Tech Institute provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary for employment in their chosen occupational field, with consideration for a diversity of backgrounds, abilities, interests and opinions. It provides a real-world experienced faculty to ensure appropriate curriculum materials are addressed, as well as placement assistance to help students transition into their careers.

Programs offered at High-Tech Institute

High-Tech offers a variety of career training programs in health care, technology, criminal justice and visual arts.

Health care programs:

  • Dental assistant - Training in dental x-ray, equipment, setup and laboratory procedure, as well as dental office administration and an externship
  • Massage Therapy - Anatomy and physiology, plus training in multiple modalities including Swedish, sports massage, deep tissue, reflexology and spa treatments, as well as nutrition, first aid and business training
  • Medical assistant - Diagnostic fundamentals, anatomy and physiology, plus training in standard clinical and lab procedures, as well as venipuncture and injections, insurance claim processing and an externship
  • Medical billing & coding - Training and instruction in medical coding and billing procedures, medical records, anatomy and physiology, plus medical terminology and office administration
  • Pharmacy technician - Anatomy and physiology training plus prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as records and order training in hospitals and retail pharmacies
  • Surgical Technologist - Operating room and surgical procedure training, including instruments, bandaging, surgical preparation and an externship
  • X-Ray Technician (limited scope) - Radiology training plus body systems and diseases, x-ray lab training and positioning, injections, plus electrocardiography and x-ray film processing

Technology programs:

  • CAD / drafting technology - Training in manual and computer-aided drafting, plus 2-D and 3-D drawing and commercial and structural detailing and drawing
  • Computer networking & security - Network security and computer forensics, A+ training, plus familiarity with Windows, Linux, Internet hardware, routers and switches, and common software
  • Electronics technology - Direct and alternating current, semi-conductors, circuits and digital devices, plus electronics repair, wireless technology, fiber optics and robotics

Criminal justice programs:

  • Criminal justice - Training in criminal and constitutional law, investigation and criminalistics, plus juvenile justice, probation and parole, terrorist awareness, and training in police roles and functions

Visual arts programs:

  • Graphic design & animation - Photoshop and Flash training, plus education in digital video and audio files, 3D Studio MAX and Web site creation

High-Tech Institute Founding and History

The High-Tech Institute was originally founded in 1965 in Phoenix, AZ as the Electronic Institute of Arizona. In 1989 it acquired the Bryman School of Arizona, and in 2003 it added Allied College of St. Louis, as well as its online campus, Anthem College, as a division of its Phoenix campus. In 2004, High-Tech acquired the Chubb Institute, which it renamed Banner College (Arlington, VA) and Banner Institute (Chicago, IL) in 2005.

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