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High School Student Advice Dont Drop Out

High School Student Advice Dont Drop Out

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Five Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me In High School

1: Math Matters

Maybe this won't surprise you that this on a list from someone who wants to be a writer. One of the things I learned while studying for my GED many moons ago, was that when I am consistently using math in my daily life and I was actually quite good at it. While in high school, I didn't dislike math, I all but refused to learn it because of all of the other things I did disliked about high school. Algebra was the worst for me, dealing with formulas and equations gave me headaches. I was convinced there was no chance I would go into a field where I would need to know any math beyond 8 x 20 =.

I ignored all those nagging teachers saying

"How are you going to calculate how much the cool shirt is going to cost after the sale discount"?

- Who cares...{roll my eyes} That was my average answer to that question. Well guess what? Those annoying teachers were right, I use math everyday. Here's another thing about math, people who can do it, rule the world. The best of them run banks, trade stocks and advise large companies and never have to go to places like H & R Block. That's because math equals money.

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Math equals money - It impacts your financial life
  • Negotiating a raise
  • Selling a house
  • Buying a car
  • Calculating how much the cool shirt is going to cost after the sales discount.

All of these things require math calculations. If you are still in high school, learn it now so you'll be ready. If you're an adult, take a class and feel empowered.

2: Foreign Language Is A Necessity.

If there is one thing you can learn in high school and college that will help guarantee your success it will always be to know a second language fluently. According to Info Please, the most widely spoken foreign languages in the World is:

Language - Appx # of Speakers

  1. Chinese (Mandarin) 1,075,000,000
  2. English 514,000,000
  3. Hindustani 496,000,000
  4. Spanish 425,000,000
  5. Russian 275,000,000
  6. Arabic 256,000,000
  7. Bengali 215,000,000
  8. Portuguese 194,000,000
  9. Malay-Indonesian 176,000,000
  10. French 129,000,000

The above languages will probably prove to be the most useful over your lifetimes, and most in demand by businesses in the coming decades.

3: Effort Is Important

I had a wee bit of an attitude in high school... just a little. If I didn't care about a class or found it uninteresting, I didn't bother to put much work into it. I figured I would learn only what I cared about and ignore the rest.

That has got to be the absolutely most arrogant time of my life. This is a destructive attitude and if you have it, you gotta lose it. If you change now, it will save you a lot of problems in your life.

In every job, there will always be stuff you like and stuff you hate but have to do anyway. Worse, you must do the stuff you hate just as well if not better than the stuff you like. Sucks, I know, but by not doing the stuff you don't like, or doing it poorly, you start a pattern and a bad habit for yourself that is really hard to change. The poor quality work you do could and probably will out shine the great work you do.

I still fight the urge to procrastinate on things that I'd rather not do so I can work on things that I like to do. There are days, I have to just suck in my pride and do it. Sometimes having to do it multiple times because I know the quality isn't as good as the likeable stuff. It all has to get done and it all has to be done well. The sooner you can learn to put maximum effort into everything you need to do, whether you love it or hate it, the better for your career and your personal life no matter what you end up doing.

4: English

I think there are a lot of high school and college kids who find they have trouble with English and they simply think,

"I guess I'm not any good at this, oh well I am good at computers and that's good enough."

No, it's not.

This is an important one. Just like math, I figured "who cares?" More people than I ever imagined care. I constantly have problems trying to remember where comas go and the correct formation of a sentence. I get teased and corrected constantly. A lot of people who only know me only through the articles and postings I write don't take me seriously. Why, because my grammar sucks. I'm now planning to go back to college to learn all of my English.

5. Don't Give Up

You can master the things that give you trouble. Don't write yourself off for any career simply because your not good at a particular subject. Maybe you think you're too shy or don't write well enough to be a journalist. You can learn and you can change that and someday you'll surprise yourself by how good you can get at something you never thought you'd be able to do.

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