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Is Going Back To College The Right Choice For You?

Going back to school as a work / career experienced adult can seem more daunting than heading straight to college after high school. As an adult you may have more to consider with increased responsibilities.

going back to college

  • If you are married, will college take time away from your spouse?
  • If you have children will college take time away quality time from your children?
  • If you have a job how will you fit in time for college?

There are literally hundred of thousands of adults (age 20 to age 80) going to college and you can be one of them! So, if you are contemplating going to college or even if your considering returning to college for additional education you will certainly not be alone.
It may be a challenge but it's certainly isn't impossible.

Data from the Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Labor:

The average career individual with a bachelor's degree earns 60% more than the average employee with a just a High School diploma (or GED).

High school graduates with no advanced degree are twice as likely to find themselves unemployed than someone of the same age with an advanced degree.

Almost 3/4th of all work positions in the future will need at least some kind of degree, certification, or license.

Jobs requiring a bachelor's degree will grow twice as fast as other jobs.

Why College?

  • Increase your earning potential
  • More career opportunity advancements
  • Enter a new career of your choosing
  • Personal fulfillment

The statistics show that advancing your education is a valuable investment for your future.

The first big hurdle for most adult is how to finance»» going back to college.

  • Will Unemployment pay for college / training?
  • Will you qualify for financial aid?
  • Where do you find scholarships?
  • Can you work and go to school?

  • As the adult population return to college, more and more financial solutions»» are available.

    Here is what I found after some online research on Bachelor and Associate degrees and rather or not they are worth obtaining.

    Associate Degrees: Two-year degrees seem to result in a substantial investment payback. When compared to a High school graduate, the two years Associates Degree is definitely a step in the right direction toward financial stability.

    Bachelor Degree: Here is where you will need to do a little research. The majority of any bachelor degree will be a great return on your investment (ROI) However, if you are considering education degrees you may want to do some research before making the investment.

    A degree in a Liberal Arts or Social Sciences: Make sure to combine what your passionate about with a career field that is financial rewarding. The current trend in employment career positions is all about mixing majors. Instead of abandoning your pursuits of a Liberal Arts or Social Sciences degree (which on average does not seem return your investment very well) make it a minor and combine it with a booming major.

    If you are still having doubts - knock out those doubts! Knocking Out the Leading College Myths»»


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