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You’re never too old to need motivation. It’s not just a youngster needed tool but an occasional needed channel for people of all ages. Everyone gets discouraged at different times and during stressful moments. Maybe you started out doing great, but then something sidetracked you and you had trouble getting motivated again. Refocusing is the key.

Get MotivatedSetting a goal and even starting a goal isn’t the hard part, it’s making it half way through only to get discouraged and feel like giving up is our only reasonable option. We can help ourselves by maintaining healthy attitudes by ensuring we are surrounded by healthy options. I know it’s been said in every way imaginable, but eating well combined with even simple regular exercise and a good night’s sleep will provide a healthy “can do” attitude. But even those who eat healthy, exercise every day and never drink or eat “junk” food have moments of demotivation.

Reaching a goal is easier said than done. If you lack confidence in yourself you should figure out what your issues are and challenge them one by one. I say challenge because conquering our fears also falls under the “easier said than done” category. Write down a list of things that bother you or that are getting in your way of completing (or starting) a goal and what you can do to either eliminate it or improve it.

Here are some suggestions that could help you focus.

  • Identify why you're having trouble with a goal or task. Look at the problem and ask yourself why is this happening? How this can be done differently? If the problem cannot be solved than look for different ways to complete the goal / task.
  • Schedule organized activities into everyday of your week to help you learn to manage your time. Activities can be as simple as setting a time to eat lunch at the same time everyday. More difficult tasks can be scheduling laundry at 11:00 am, completing it by 1:00 pm and meeting with friends at 2:30 pm. Once you start learning to organize your personal time you can start organizing your career time to intermingle with your personal appointments.
  • Setting up only long term goals will demotivate you. Set up short time goals. They can be daily, weekly or monthly goals that all contribute to the long term goal.
  • Misery loves company and that has never been so true as it is in the present day and age. Don’t allow people to negatively influence you. If someone says “you can’t do that” tell them “I can’t if I tell myself I can’t.”
  • Recognize and value your progress. One of the best things to do when your feeling demotivated is to look back at what you have already done and genuinely value the progress you have done.
  • If the task or goal is too big for just one person to accomplish, ask for help. Asking friends or a co worker to help you with a project or even a goal can strengthen networking resources in your career or strengthen the bond between friends.

Too many people in today’s world find ways not to succeed. But history has repeatedly proven that what was first considered impossible is now considered incredible. If something doesn’t feel right, take a moment to contemplate the project, goal or task as a whole, reviewing it from anther’s point of view and ask yourself if your still on the road to completion.

Empowering books that you just cannot seem to put down are filled with motivation and "you can do it too" enthusiasm. After every page you read, you picture yourself with success, wealth, and happiness and cannot wait to get started on implementing the author’s strategies in your own life. Then, some time later you find that the excitement has left and you are back to your normal life.

What happened?

The problem is that the first step is always the easiest not the hardest. The first step is that burning desire to do something different, something more than what we’ve been doing or something incredible. The second step is the hardest step because the desire ‘to do’ must be followed up with plans to put the goals into action.

Find or create a support group with like-minded acquaintances or people in the industry your goal is established. This will decrease the chances of hearing unwanted demotivating advice and criticisms.

Finally, if you truly want something, then you must have good reasons for it. Write down the reasons it’s important to you and why you want it. Than post the list in a place you can view it everyday. If you don't have good reasons for obtaining the goal, then you probably won’t complete it.



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