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It is that time of year again. A fresh start to leave last year's problems (hopefully) as a learned mistake and a time to set new resolutions. The problem with a nice long weekend or for the lucky ones a week long vacation is that we must all return to work. But only are returning to work we are returning to work in a new year.

For some of us returning to work with a happy and bright outlook can be difficult. The problem is not with setting goals, but making those goals stick until they become a positive habit. But how do you get and stay motivated? Where is the elusive ingredient for the happy and bright outlook propelling our fellow co workers into the new year? Here are some great suggestions for finding your motivation and starting the motivation engine inside all of us.

Take Action: Don't sit and wait for inspiration to come to you, go out and find it. We all have ideas on how we can work and live better, so take the first step towards how you can make an idea a reality. Take the action of the idea from your head and follow it. Soon the motivation will follow.

Take Baby Steps: I keep saying this because it's true. Every action, every movement, every idea begins with the first step, which is the hardest. But each step will be followed by anther. Take a new or the next step every day. If one step didn't work, take step back, examine why it didn't work and step around it to one that will. The benefits of your baby steps will get the happy going and the accomplishment of trying will provide the motivation.

Make A Plan: Make a plan. Put your Need To Do list in a A B C D type category. A is the most important followed by B list and C list and finally the D list which is the list of things that can be put off after the most important items are completed. Once you have your list, it only takes about 5-10 minutes each day to review, check off completed items and make changes.

Exercise: Any kind of exercise is going to wake your mind up to new possibilities and new ideas. Walking, running or stretching -- exercise for even as little as 5 to 10 minutes will get your blood pumping, bring oxygen to your brain, and release those happy feel-good chemicals swimming in your brain.

Reward Yourself: It's okay to be selfish sometimes. If the benefits of completing your goal or task are not enough, then set up a cool reward for yourself. If you want to lose twenty pounds reward yourself with a favorite desert once you have lost the twenty pounds. One desert will not put on twenty pounds in one sitting Ė five to ten helpings of your favorite desert could add the twenty pounds back so be reasonable but be fair to yourself. Other rewards could include theater tickets, a new tech gadget or a outing with friends.

Ask For Help: Whenever you find yourself struggling and losing motivation don't just whine about it ask a friend for help. They may be able to help you figure out why you have lost motivation. Try talking to one of your co-workers, you may learn that they have valuable insight you never realized they had before. Consider the problem and think about who could best give you the push of motivation to help you get things rolling again.

When it comes time to work on your resolutions, focus on the benefits you'll receive more so than focusing on the work at hand. Resolutions are the things that should make you feel empowered, motivated and look forward to achieving. So make sure the resolutions you make are ones that you truly want to complete and don't give up no matter how many times you stumble.



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