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Georgia Medical Institute

Georgia is the fourth of the original 13 colonies making it one of the oldest states in the nation. It shouldn't be a surprise, that the state's educational tradition is as rich as its history. Many students each year decide to attend Georgia Medical Institute. The state's first university was founded more than 200 years ago, in 1785; the same year that New York City became a state capital and temporarily the nation's capital.

Originally Georgia Medical Institute opened as the Georgia Medical Employment Preparatory Center and had not changed their name until 1986 and began expanding its campuses.

Georgia Medical Institute thoroughly trains their students using the techniques and tools of professionals working in their desired career field. All of they're classes are taught by Instructors with genuine experience in their fields. Tutors and instruction assistance is readily available as well as facility members to assist in all of your outer classroom necessities.

Georgia Medical Institute employs a workforce placement department that is dedicated to assisting students with resume preparation, interviewing skills, and full time employment opportunities.

For those seeking a cultural educational experience outside the classroom, Georgia offers museums, galleries and theaters. It also preserves a number of historical sites for amateur historians and scholars alike to enjoy.

The mission of Georgia Medical Institute is to provide quality, job significant career preparation, designed to prepare students of all ages to prosper in and to meet the needs of the Health Career community.

Georgia Medical Institute offers the following programs:


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