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My Two favorites Were:

  • Vault
  • Careerjournal

America's Job Bank

The occupation search choices are super limited, but since they are listed as "one of the best job sites"' I kept going. On the plus side they did have a huge database of jobs listings. Other than that, they seemed pretty simple and straightforward. 'Career Infor' was detailed and offered some great information and that is always a plus with me. For those who do not have a computer at home Service Locater lets you search for a Career Center where you can use their computers services for free.

Career Journal

Career Journal is quite literally the Wall Street Journal 'Must Read' for job hunters. In association with Wall Street Journal, the site offers more job opportunities than a lackluster employee could throw at an employer.

I found the web site a bit confusing trying to find the Search Jobs option but web site sponsors are excellent. A highlight of the website is that the jobs are international and you are not presented with an advertisement before going directly to the search results. The Career Center with Q & A, Salary information and Discussions are well maintained and useful but you can't always apply directly from the site.

Employment 911

Number one thing I hate is what Employment 911 did. As soon as I hit their home page I was given a floating pop up encouraging me to buy into other services. Bad start. The website is called the "one stop" job site, where job hunters can search more than 350 major job sites with more than 3 million employers. However, before your able to do any searches you must register. I passed this option since I am only reviewing.

Get The Job

I thought I had found a web site that could be a future rival to both Career Journal & Monster. As soon as I got the results to a simple job search by clicking on a metropolitan city and received results for every single job in the area I was disappointed. Conversely, It does let you narrow your search down though with more clicks.

Job Central

Job Central is a national employment network that was formed between two nonprofit associations to provide job seekers in all industries and occupations job listings for a variety of career opportunities. The site has a section for what seems like every type of employee but the site is pretty standard to any other site. Only the results on rather or not an interview actually comes from using the site will make the difference here. Lots of quality resources.

Net Temps

Net Temps specializes in contract employees, with several available jobs throughout the U.S. but only in major metropolitan cities. I really liked all of the detailed resources and information that was available for those looking for temporary employment. However, the Career Center information wasn't as helpful as I prefer. It only gave estimated salaries and the career outlook profiles were too vague.

Oya's Directory of Recruiters

The feeling Oya's Directory of Recruiters gave me with their very simple color and format layout was... It's sort of like Home Town Buffet for job hunters looking for Recruiters. On Oya's site you can search Recruiters by their specialty or location. If you're looking for a recruiter definitely give them a holler.

The Interview Exchange

A new concept in job postings and job boards where job hunters who are interested in a posting are rated based on how closely your qualifications match the job posting qualifications. However, as everyone knows it is not always just about the qualifications. So if you are ambitious or just very picky you may not like the site.


Thingamajob is the national recruiting parent company for a variety of different employment agencies. It is a free career site for job hunters and you would be looking for a variety of opportunities all under the Allegis Group. The Career Center was very limited, so those who like reviewing all of the nifty How Tos and personal opinions won't be satisfied here.


Vault is well known for its insider profiles and reports on employers and has now branched out into recruitment with a smorgasbord of job postings and reportedly more than 25,000 employers. Searches can include multiple criteria such as job categories and keywords, which is standard. What I liked most was that they didn't leave any stone unturned. They have an abundance of resources that will keep you busy for as long as you only want to look like your trying to find employment.


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