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Average Annual Salary of an Game Programmer:

  • No Experience: $35,000 to $45,000
  • Low: $50,000 to $55,000
  • High: $85,000
  • Average: $62,500

Necessary Education for an Game Programmer Career:

A Bachelors Degree in Game Programming»»
(see also Game Art & Design Schools )

What is a Game Programmer in a nutshell?

A game programmer is a software engineer who primarily develops computer or video games or related software (such as game development tools).

Skills, Responsibilities & Environment for Game Programmers:

Programmers write the computer code that runs and controls the game. They may also test the code and fix bugs, in addition to developing customized tools for use by other team members of the game development team. Different platforms have particular programming requirements and there are also various specialist fields within programming of the game including physics programming, AI (artificial intelligence), 3D engine development, interface and control systems.

  • Assembly Level Programming
  • Communication Networks
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Graphics
  • Data Structures
  • Dedicated to the long term and short term goals of the process
  • Feeling insignificant instead of a creative member of a team
  • Games programming has a high mathematical basis
  • Human Factors
  • Leadership ability
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Problem solving
  • Programming
  • Software Engineering
  • Team working
  • Working long hours (50+) during crunch time

What do Game Programming Employers Want?

Proof of work and that you can finish what you start. A lot of developers have problems putting the finishing touches on things. Proving that you can finish what you start is vital to a prospective employer.

Many people can't get a job because they haven't completed a game, leading to the common catch 22 for the first time job seeker.

If you haven't published a title (or helped publish a title) at least show a prospective employer that you can work to create something others have fun playing. A lot of companies ask developers for code samples so its best if you have a disk with code samples available, preferably code samples from a working game.


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