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Fundraising Manager Careers
Also known as Development Officer at museums

Average Annual Salary for Fundraising Manager Careers:

New fundraising professionals will start out as assistants can make as much as $14 per hour.

Necessary Education for Fundraising Manager Careers:

Since degree programs in Philanthropy (studies in human welfare and nonprofit management) are not widely available, people from a variety of educational backgrounds are employed as Fundraising Managers.

Some of the degrees possessed by Fundraising Managers are in
Visual Communications
Business Administration / Management
Human Services

What is Fundraising Manager in a nutshell?

Charity fundraising managers are responsible for raising money for their charity in various ways. They usually have fundraising targets to reach, and must constantly think of new ways to raise as much money as possible.

Types of Fundraising Manager jobs:

Most Fundraising Managers work for non profit organizations where the work / services are local, national or international. Positions could be for school boards, local charities or national organizations such as The Red Cross.

Fundraising Manager Skills & Responsibilities:

In large organizations people in this field tend to specialize in a specific aspect of fund raising: major gifts, annual fund, membership, corporate and foundation relations, research or operations .

Fundraising Managers plan and coordinate large projects or programs for public and private companies in a variety of industries. Depending on the nature of the programs their responsibilities can include needs assessment, program development/evaluation, project planning, communications planning, supervision, presenting, report writing and fundraising.

Future Outlook for Fundraising Manager:

The job outlook for Fundraising Managers may be more favorable, particularly for graduates with Marketing degrees as well as Business administration studies . However, competition is stiff for the limited number of openings in these programs, and applicants need a technical background. Conservation program graduates with knowledge of a foreign language and a willingness to relocate will have an advantage over less qualified candidates.


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