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First Career Position As A Medical Assistant

First Career Position As A Medical Assistant

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Medical offices are always looking for qualified and experienced Medical Assistants. However, many new graduates find it difficult to land their first career position without experience and face the frustrating entry-level employment waiting room.

Being new to any industry is always a challenge, but there are ways to defeat the lack of work experience dilemma. The trick is to highlight and talk about your other great selling points and make a great impression.

Apply to the entry level one or two year preferred job advertisements. Learn everything you can about the company. Don't forget that medical offices are businesses, so be prepared to show your interviewer that you want to work for them based on the information you know about them.

In the interview, tell them what you can offer their facility and how great of an asset you will be. Ask them where they can make exceptions for experience and how you can accommodate it. Confidence is another key.

Have a list of your accomplishments from your prior career, while you were in school, or scholastic awards. Don't forget to mention your externship. Time spent in a medical office in any form of the externship is work experience.

Take pride in yourself. Mention how satisfied your former employers are. This can include volunteer agencies and instructors. Show letters of recommendation from volunteer agencies and instructors if you are able to get them.

Bring up your other very valuable skills such as sales, interpersonal communication, languages, customer services, data entry and word-processing. Click here for more general job interview advice.

Look into temporary job agencies. There are several companies that offer assignments that last one day to a couple of months. Hospital Jobs Online specializes in positions within the medical field.

Try volunteering:

Volunteer for local charities such as Life Long, or even Planned Parenthood, where you can put your new skills to work. This is job experience whether you are being paid or not. At the interview, mention the medical skills you are currently using.

Job Fairs:

All of the above work just as well at a job fair as the do in a personal interview. Bring several copies of a well written resume - You may want to have a professional resume service do the job fair resume, but make sure they specialize in medical careers. Dress professionally and be prepared for on-the-spot interviews - Those who do not have a dress suit should wear their best professional attire.


Lastly, don't forget about The American Association of Medical Assistants organization. The AAMA has resources such as CMA reorganization and local charter events.

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