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Exhibit Designer Careers
Drafting Degree (CAD)

Average Annual Salary of an Exhibit Designer:

New Exhibit Designer earn around $25,000 to $30,000 annually

Necessary Education for an Exhibit Designer Career:

A Bachelors Degree in Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Experience or studies also in

  • Spatial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Three Dimensional (3d) Design
  • Graphic Design

What is Exhibit Designer in a nutshell?

Exhibition designers design exhibitions and display stands for events

Exhibit Designer Skills & Responsibilities:

In smaller companies, overseeing the construction of the components (usually in workshops) and assembly and installation at the exhibition venue

  • Presenting their ideas as sketches, scale plans, computer-generated visuals and models
  • Discussing their ideas with clients
  • Producing final specifications
  • Handling orders for supplies
  • Liaising with technical specialists such as lighting staff.
  • Design and artistic skills
  • The ability to think creatively and laterally
  • Technical drawing skills and computer aided design experience
  • Knowledge of safety and licensing regulations
  • The ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Model making skills
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to use computer aided design (CAD) packages
  • Numerical skills
  • Awareness of health and safety issues
  • Team work ability

Future Outlook for Exhibit Designer:

Employment of interior designers is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through 2014.


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