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At one point I had considered becoming a Personal Trainer, than I decided I loved my chocolate Zingers, Chai Lattes, work free weekends and laziness way too much. But for others who can maintain the image of a Personal Trainers it's an ideal career. In the upcoming years, PT (Personal Trainers) may have some new luxuries that include no weekends.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, government economists expect jobs in fitness training, health coaches and a variety of aerobics instruction and health information careers to grow much faster than the average for all careers through 2014.

Businesses are waking up to the fact that reshaping the value of fitness of their employees can shave off thousands of dollar off their Worker's Compensation expenses. By incorporating healthy perspectives into the business model, not only can businesses offer additional bonuses to potential new employees but can also offer something a little different in building employee loyalty and retention.

Health troubles arising from obesity alone are estimated to cost U.S. companies $117 billion a year, according to a report by former Surgeon General, David Satcher. With Worker's Compensation medical bills towering, more corporations are swapping their 'After Care' health insurance policies for more proactive programs that promote fitness and health. Still, the majority of corporate health budgets are still devoted to treating the effects of our inactive office-bound lifestyles and not the cause of the problem. So the question remains when will personal trainers move into the office world?

At some point within the 2007 calendar year, congress may approve the Workplace Health Improvement Program - The Whip Act (insert joke here) would exempt a company's contributions for the costs of fitness center membership fees from an employee's income tax. If and when -- for I do believe it will be approved, this will throw open the career opportunity doors for Personal Trainers.

Current tax law requires employees to pay income tax on any fitness center membership benefit they provide to an employee. The WHIP Act would exempt a company from paying that tax, helping many smaller businesses who would like to offer the benefits to they're employees. In addition, the act would give small businesses something extra to offer high profile potential employees thus stealing them away from big corporations who otherwise have not jumped on the treadmill yet. Lastly. The approval of the WHIP act would be an important step in encouraging people to take on a more healthily lifestyle.

If the bill H.R.1634 passes, the career opportunities for personal trainers will sky rocket and produce a new search for professionals to fill the multiple jobs and career openings. Not only at gyms, but in at corporate offices both large and small and a variety of health and physical activity related businesses.

These could include:

  • Recreation Leaders
  • Recreation Supervisors
  • Directors of Recreation and Parks
  • Camp Counselors (kids and adults - summer, school and personal vacations)
  • Fitness Trainers Corporate Personal Trainers
  • Employee Aerobics / Activity Instructors
  • Health Coaches Health
  • Information Managers

Reasons people use a personal trainer:

Socializing instead of sweating - When you get distracted by a long conversation, you may not move as much or lift the weights as hard as you would otherwise. Personal trainers exist to make you question if it's all worth the pain -- it is.

Following the same old routine - You hit the gym on autopilot. Enough activity to keep your heart healthy but not gain any muscle or lose much more weight beyond a certain point.

Incorrectly using the equipment - Take it from someone with multiple health problems... This is bad!

As people spend more time and money on fitness and recreation, and as businesses increasingly offer wellness, fitness, health information managers and recreational programs to their employees, job availability for health related fitness careers is going to increase.


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