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V Term ~ Definition

Variable Interest Rates ~ An interest rate that moves up and down based on the changes of an underlying interest rate index.

Veteran's counseling ~ Helps veterans and their dependents obtain benefits for their selected program and provides certifications to the Veteran's Administration. May also provide personal counseling on the transition from the military to a civilian life.

Virtual Classroom ~ The online learning space where students and instructors interact

Visiting Scholar or Student ~ Individual attending a US institution by special agreement with a foreign institution. A vesting scholar or student does not-matriculate which means that he or she is not engaged in a degree program. To change status and matriculate in a degree program a visiting student or scholar must apply for admission to the institution and undergo the usual selection process.

Vocational College ~ A school that specializes in training for different professions and skilled trades. See Community College, Technical College, Proprietary School.

Volunteer work (as admission factor) ~ Special consideration given to students for activity done on a volunteer basis (e.g., tutoring, hospital care, working with the elderly or disabled) as a service to the community or the public in general.

VSO ~ Voluntary Service Overseas


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