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S Term ~ Definition

Sat (Scholastic Assessment Test) ~ A standardized external examination (formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test and then the Scholastic Achievement Test) of mathematical, verbal and analytical skills, taken by high school students to demonstrate their abilities for post-secondary study; often required for admission to undergraduate programs.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (Sap) ~ The status of a student who has met or exceeded both the qualitative and quantitative measurements specified in Policies and Procedures. A student must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements to be eligible for financial aid.

Scholarships ~ Financial assistance based on merit; do not require repayment.

Science Elective ~ Courses which foster the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena.

Semester Hour ~ See Credit hour.

Senior ~ A student who has completed 90 or more hours of college credit but has not received a bachelor's degree.

Social Science Elective ~ Courses which study society and the individual relationships in and to society.

Sophomore ~ A student who has completed 30 to 59 college credit hours.

Study Abroad ~ Programs in which students go to college for some time in another country while making regular progress toward their diplomas or degrees.

Summer Session ~ A summer term of approximately six weeks.

Syllabus ~ A printed outline showing the dates and subjects of lectures, reading assignments, and exam schedule.


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