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O Term ~ Definition

Occupational Outlook ~ A prediction of future job openings in specific career fields.

Ombudsperson ~ In education, a person who acts on behalf of students and others in the college community who have difficulties with the college.

On Campus Day Care ~ Licensed day care for students' children (usually age 3 and up); usually for a fee.

Online learning ~ Any learning experience or environment that takes place on the Internet as the primary delivery mode of education and presentation.

Open Admission ~ Non-selective admission of all students who have completed high school.

Open Book Examination ~ An examination where students are allowed to consult course materials while answering questions.

Orientation ~ Programs to help new students and parents get to know a college. Orientation usually takes place before or at the beginning of the academic year.

Out-Of-State Tuition ~ The tuition charged by institutions to those students who do not meet the institution's or state's residency requirements.


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