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L Term ~ Definition

Language House ~ A student residence where a foreign language is studied and spoken. Students who want to learn German might live in a "German house."

Learning Center ~ Center offering assistance through tutors, workshops, computer programs, or audiovisual equipment in reading, writing, math, and skills such as taking notes, managing time, taking tests.

Learning Skills Courses ~ Basic courses which prepare students for college-level study.

Letter of Recommendation ~ Letter written in support of a student's application for admission to a study program which assesses the candidate's qualifications for the program in question.

Liberal Arts ~ The traditional fields of study in the humanities, sciences and social sciences as distinct from technical and professional education.

Liberal Arts & Science Coursework ~ Courses which are intended to provide chiefly general knowledge and to develop student's general intellectual capacities.

Loans ~ Financial assistance that must be repaid.

Long Session ~ Regular fall or spring semester.

Lower-division ~ First two years of a bachelor's degree program which consists mainly of courses at the introductory and elementary levels.

LSAT Law School Admission Test ~ A standardized external examination used by law schools to assess applicants' verbal, analytical and reasoning skills


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