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H Term ~ Definition

Half Time ~ Six credit hours per semester for undergraduate students.

Health Services ~ Free or low cost on-campus primary and preventive health care available to students.

Honors Program ~ Special program for very able students offering the opportunity for educational enrichment, independent study, acceleration, or some combination of these.

Honors Study ~ Student may work individually with permission of division chairperson, instructor, and Vice President for Instruction rather than as part of a class.

Hope Scholarship ~ A federal tax credit (enacted in 1997) that is available for tuition and required fees less grants, scholarships, and other tax-free financial assistance to borrowers who meet the qualifications of the program.

Hours ~ A term for the number of credits you may earn for each course in which you enroll. Example: if you enroll in five "3-hour" courses, you will achieve 15 credit hours.

Housing ~ Living arrangements for students at colleges or private secondary schools

Humanities Elective ~ Courses from those branches of knowledge which are concerned with the human and its culture.


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