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D Term ~ Definition

Dean ~ A college administrator such as an academic dean who might lead a college, overseeing degree programs and having the authority to grant exceptions to academic policy. A dean of students would work in student services.

Deferment / College Loan Deferment ~ A deferment means there are no payments required on your student loan during an approved period

Deferred Admission ~ A college may accept a student but then allow the student to delay coming to the college for one year

Deficiency ~ This term may mean that you are lacking one or more courses necessary for graduation or for entrance to a program. Deficiency may also mean your grades are so low you cannot return to school.

Degree ~ A certificate of completion of a course of study.

Degree Plan ~ A specific list of required courses and electives to be completed for a degree.

Dissertation ~ The formal writing requirement, often an original contribution to knowledge for a doctoral degree.

Doctoral Degree ~ The most advanced degree that can be earned.

Double Major ~ Program of study in which a student completed the requirements of two majors at the same time.

DRAM ~ Drama

Drop/Add ~ The procedure whereby a student may change his/her class schedule, after initial registration, by dropping or adding a course without academic penalty.


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