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Eating Out Isn't Always Eating Healthy

There's got to be more... and there is.

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Fast food mess halls and liquor markets out-number healthy restaurants and grocery stores. When I leave my office for lunch, the first food business I see is Mrs. Field's Cookies. I go to the left and there's an expensive site down restaurant. Past them is an over priced burger harbor. If I choose to go to the right, I can go shopping for t-shirts and shoes and schedule an appointment to get my hair done.

Anyone who drives in my area of San Fernando Valley will see multiple obesity prevention billboards asking parents to beware and take action against childhood obesity. Have they given up on us adults? I wouldn't blame them if they have. Rental housing is still a competitive and residents in large cities are starting to live farther from grocery stores and closer to convenient stores, liquor markets and fast-food restaurants.

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According to a study by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, Californian are more than four times more likely to find a fast-food eating place than a grocery supermarket. The chances of finding a fresh produce stand are even more unlikely. The only ones I know of are the open markets on the weekends.

Researchers in Chicago examined Chicago's south and west sides where the study what they call Food Deserts. Food deserts are pockets of the city that have few grocery stores but thrive on fast-food joints. Lead researcher Mari Gallagher said that such areas pose serious health challenges to the residents who live within them and found that obesity increases as access to grocery stores decreases - regardless of income levels.

If you go to a Mc Donald's, chances are you'll see most people eating a burger and fries, than they're Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad. I didn't even know they had a chicken Caesar salad. Most fast food chains offer limited and not always tantalizing healthy meals. Getting a healthy meal on the go today often requires intimate knowledge of the eateries... which isn't inspiring considering I don't have time for a intimate date let alone an intimate knowledge of a fast food place. But, at least I don't have to worry about the cashier trying to plant a sloppy kiss on me after lunch.

Eating healthily at fast food joints and sit down restaurants can feel like staying sober on New Year's Eve. So I searched the net for the menus of fast food joints that are located in my area.

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Nutrition Information


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Diet Facts»» is a great website that has gathered food labels and restaurant menu nutritional information all on one site. Originally, the website was a personal project when her father was diagnosed with Diabetes. Since then, it has grown into a wonderful and successful site for anyone looking to eat healthy outside they're home.

healthy foodJust because our jobs may take half of our lives doesn't mean we should weaken our health with fast food mess halls and liquor markets sandwiches. For every one healthy restaurant within driving distance, there are at least five fast food places within walking distance. I can go shopping for t-shirts and shoes and schedule an appointment to get my hair done, but I can't eat the produce from a California farmer's market. That isn't right and shouldn't be acceptable.

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