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According to recruiting experts, cover letters still matter. Even though cover letters came of age in the age of typewriters, they still have a place in today’s email world.

"It's going over the Internet, but it's the same product," Madeline Miller, the manager of Compu-Type Nationwide Resume Service in upstate New York, said of e-mail cover letters. "The cover is very important and it should be the same quality if you were to mail it."

Since e-mail messages are conversational, many people are not use to drafting carefully written e-mail cover letter. However, any applicant who creates well-written and carefully worded cover letter e-mail has an advantage over applicants that do not. On the other hand, make sure your e-mailed cover letter isn't a chore to read. Keep the email cover letter conventional.

The cover letter is an introduction to your resume. Don't just write your resume in a conversational manner. There's no need to restate what you've already done in the resume. What you want to do is tell them why you are interested in the listing, why you're right for the job, and how they can reach you.

Three Tips

Personalize the cover letter. Mention where you saw their career opportunity and the position you are interested in.

If you're including a resume as an attachment, first make sure the prospective employer accepts attachments.

Lastly, don't fill in the "to" field with the recipient's e-mail address until you've finished writing and editing the cover letter and resume. This prevents you from accidentally sending off the message before it's ready.



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