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Did you play dress-up as a kid but never stopped as you continued to grow in age? Do you prefer thrift shops and funky bazaars over Mall shopping? Should you be considering a career in the fashion industry? A fashion career will allow you to show off your endless creativity. Beautiful, glamorous and yes, sometimes scandalous, the fashion world is nothing if not intriguing. Yet the phases of a career in fashion can be tricky so don't limit your aspirations to a world famous fashion designer. There are several different fashion careers that can build your experience towards your dream career.

Fashion Designer

The most popular and sometimes most difficult career option is to become a fashion designer. A fashion designer designs clothing and accessories for men, women and children as well as for the movie and theater trade. The standard fashion designer works for a mass producer and designs clothing for their employer; than there are those who design for exclusive stores and clients. It may be hard to start a career as a Fashion Designer, so above all, fashion designers must be persistent. They must also be able to communicate their visions verbally as well as visually, and in written form.

The Fashion Merchandiser

The job of a fashion merchandiser is to track and analyze production costs, market trends, and previous sales numbers of merchandise during different seasons. Fashion merchandising combines a creative fashion sensibility with good business skills. People who do extremely well in this position, have both business education and creativity.

Costume & Wardrobe Specialists

Costume and wardrobe specialists design and or find outfits for actors for specific movies, television shows and performances. The costumes always express a particular time, place, and mood. Costume and wardrobe specialists work closely with production teams such as directors, makeup artists, and set designers.

A fashion career for older women.

It's never too late to change careers. Some may say that it depends on what career you choose and they could be right. Than again, they may not see the career opportunity that exist. Who said fashion is only for the young? Certainly from reading glamour magazines and seeing how the average media portrays body image in fashion you could think so. But there is a niche that continues to need new insight and fresh ideas. Fashion for older women.

Many of employers who specialize in fashion for older women and men prefer to employ older people to relate to the brand and target customers and although it is not policy for them to discriminate should a younger person apply they have found huge success in employing older people in promoting they're clothing line.

The Fashion Industry

If you pursue a fashion career, the skills and knowledge you will gain from a bachelor's degree in fashion will allow you to enter numerous other career fields, such as an interior designer, high end fashion consultant, fashion promotions and magazine fashion editors.

A great source for genuine fashion career opportunities is a company called Fashion Jobs Central. The primary focus is to provide clear-cut, reliable work for those wishing to be employed in the fashion industry. They reportedly have the most comprehensive database of jobs available and you can easily search for employers with career openings and detailed company information. However, be aware that they charge a membership fee for access. Is the service worth the membership price? Maybe... the solitary focus is fashion career opportunities and if your willing to start at entry level or willing to relocate, than indeed the membership is but a small nuisance.

Some people accidentally enter fashion careers because retail clothing doesn't reflect they're sense of style. Others find that a career in fashion is more than just designing and have found contentment in off beat careers. No matter what career you choose, a career in Fashion will nurture your creativity of the cloth. So don't delay your fashion education; you'll need all the preparation and advantages available to pursue your career.



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