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The first step to finding a good job is to show up for the interview. I know this sounds obvious, but approximately fifty percent of job candidates never show up for the interview. I hate to say it but I've been guilty of being a No Show in the past. But why do people do it?

The no-show phenomenon is a growing problem for hiring managers and recruiters. The increasingly deterioration of common courtesy is contributing to the trend. Unfortunately the deterioration of common courtesy is from both sides of the paycheck. Career experts believe an increasingly tight labor markets is one area of blame.

Job applicants are being treated as commodities and not people. Online job boards advertise prettier and brighter packages luring talent... however the contents of those "jobs" tends to be more scam than work. Businesses are as always in a cost-cutting frenzy to stay ahead of the competition.

The result tends to be the jaded feelings of a cold breeze leaving both sides with a cold attitude. So much so that author of the book titled The Dip says online job hunting and online dating have become similar endeavors. However, a No Show is bad business and needs to be avoided at all costs.

Going to an interview is a daunting task that takes preparation and is often compared to going to the dentist. With this in mind it's not surprising that a lot of people who are not prepared just do not show up. Unlike a dentist you cannot just reschedule once your prepared.

Here are some suggestion to help you never be a No Show interviewee

If you are not prepared to meet a hiring manager within the time the manger suggests an interview ask for a later appointment.

I've made this mistake and I wasn't prepared. I didn't know anything about the company or the position and throughout the interview it showed I wasn't prepared. I wasted her time and mine. So if a hiring manager calls you and asks if you can come in for an interview at 8 am the next morning and this doesn't leave you enough time to be prepared than ask for an appointment later in the day or the day after.

During the interview

Don't feel as if you are not allowed to know what kind of interview you will be attending. Too often candidates are not told what will happen during the interview meeting. Feel free to ask if the interview is informal introduction or if you will be meeting with a a department managers. The person calling you may be the company's recruiter and may not need to know every single detail. Than again, some recruiters like to know every single detail before moving to phase 2. Ask what you should bring to the interview.

Database interview or position interview.

One of my biggest pet peeves with recruiters is when they just want to add anther database entry to their well of workers. I am very skeptical of national recruiting agencies that aggressively advertise their services when in fact they don't have the employer clients to support their worker clients. Remember that you are also a client for Employment and Temporary Employment agencies.

One of the most frustrating No Shows is due to the lack of probability of getting hired. When you are contacted by an agency ask them if they are calling you to interview for a specific position. They may have some great employer clients but if they cannot produce a employment opportunity for you your low expectations will increase the "no show" rate.

Surprise interview

In an "Internet world" your resumes may have been pulled off the net. As a result, you receive a surprise hiring manager call. Before accepting an interview, ask the interviewer about the company. Ask them for the company website and let them know you will need to get back to them. make sure to give them a reasonable return call time. Twenty four hours is an average common courtesy time frame. If after you have researched the company and find that your not interested, call them back, thank them for the interest but let them know at this time you are not interested.


If you don't have an updated resume than ask the hiring manager if you can meet in a couple of days. this way you have time to update the resume yourself or hire someone to do so for you.


Be Prepared!

Get directions to the location 24 hours in advance. If you do not have 24 hours to get directions ask the interview for detailed instructions on how to get to their office. Ask about parking and parking fees. Leave twenty minutes earlier than you think it will take. If you get there twenty minutes early, make sure you know where the building is and than go get a cup of coffee and wait until you can arrive ten minutes early.

  • Research the company
  • Research the company Press Releases
  • Research the position

If you become a No Show chances are that you will never get anther chance to work for that company in the future. So if you cannot make an appointment, call and let them know. if you are no longer interested in the position, call and let them know. The point is -- common courtesy is a two way street and if you would like common courtesy given to yourself than you need to also give common courtesy to others.



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