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Dieting Losing Weight Getting Healthy

Dieting Losing Weight Getting Healthy

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Dieting, Losing Weight, Getting Healthy

''A whole new you''»»

Diet - Remove the T and there's the potential result to some of today's dangerous, misguided, and or incorrect involvement in diets.

I have a hard enough time calculating my monthly bills and balancing my checking account every month; but to put in adding, calculating and converting the calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fat, total fat, sodium and the whole alphabet of vitamins and minerals...way too much math for me. If I wanted to become a Mathematician, I would have become one. Anther thing, I only get an hour for lunch. That's at least ten minutes to my car or walk to my lunch destination, five minutes to figure out what I want for lunch, thirty minutes to eat lunch and ten more to get back to the office. So if I were to count all of the diet requirements and allowances that would probably only leave me like ten minutes to eat. How can I put this kindly? I can't...NO! Forget it! Nada! Isn't gonna happen!

Everyone needs to find what works best for them when it comes to dieting, getting healthy, losing weigh; counting all the calories has never worked for me. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. So telling you what I did to lose 50 pounds in the last 5 to 6 months may only lose 20 for you. I started out at 225 pounds due to a variety of reasons.

1.Herniated disc injury
2.Bad asthma and stopped caring about trying to control it
3.I didn't like my job
4.Didn't like the guy I was dating
5.Had a variety of small problems going on in my life
6.and the girl's all time favorite - Depression because of the above

I got sick of just existing and gave myself one tiny little thing to do and that led to the other things I now love do. I got a gym membership simply so that I could use the sauna & hot tub to relax. That's it. I really didn't have any intention of actually exercising. But once I was there for about 2 weeks I started using the tread mill for 4 minutes each time. To make a long story short I decided I was going to use just the treadmill and increase my time. I started at 4 minutes and slowly bought it up to now 30 minutes (lack of use due to other activities). After a while, I started giving up a few things one at a time. I stopped drinking soda pop 90% of the time, I only allow myself to have 1 or 2 cups of coffee per day maximum and if I do indulge in one of Foodie loves, than I go to the gym and take a class I know I like or even something I've never tried before... In addition, I take my dog to the dog park on Saturdays and or to recreational parks for long walks.

However, after a while I was bored and I got really lucky when I just happened to walk by a karate studio as I was heading back to my car one early evening. It was 10 minutes before class ended and I watched the class from outside. After the class ended I went inside and talked to the instructor about possibly taking classes. I immediately hit it off with the instructor and started with two classes a week and wish I could take three. The classes have definitely helped me lose weight and I'm never bored. I'm now thinking of even adding a different sport that is completely different simple because I can and have always wanted to try things I put off because of my weight. There are a few other things I've done such as taking different educational classes simply because I was interested and have always wanted to take a class or study them.


However other things that really helped were the fact that I dumped the boyfriend, dumped the bad job, started caring about myself and really wanted to feel good about myself again.

The absolutely number one key to any amount of success in losing weight, eating better and getting healthy is self motivation. If you're not self motivated, no diet, celebrity sponsored program, exercise trainer / couch, activity or Nutritionist will help you. Here is the annoying phase for the three thousandth time.

Losing weight / getting healthy is a life style change.

  • If you decide to stop drinking all soda pop - that is a life style change
  • If you decide to stop to stop smoking - that is a life style change
  • If you decide to stop eating red meat - that is a life style change
  • If you decide to stop wearing shoes with high heels - that is a life style change.

My point is that the phase "lifestyle change" for some people brings up images of dramatic changes that restricts them from a laundry basket full of things they like and enjoy and don't really care is bad for them. There's nothing wrong with eating / enjoying the things you know are bad for you if you do it in moderation or with the understanding that the next day or two you'll do a few extra minutes of exercise or add a gym class.

Let me say now for the record I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST. These are simply my personal opinions and I have no doubt that any Nutritionist who may read this may (ok will) disagree with me.

I love the Cheesecake Factory, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Mrs. Field's Cookies, Coffee with cream and sugar, Chocolate martinis, pasta dishes with full flavored (don't you dare use non-fat) cream sauce and seafood smothered with garlic butter. Bring it on! Just not all at once.

However, because I know I love these things and will occasionally indulge in them, I just make up for it by going to the gym the next day or two and taking a studio class I enjoy. Between my unhealthy and Foodie favorites, I have regular scheduled (and as time permits) activities that I also enjoy. Again, these are specifically set for me and unless you like the same things don't try to force yourself to do them simply because I lost weight doing them.

Absolutely do not care how old you are when considering a sport / activity / class. Regardless if it's the gym, belly dancing, karate, volleyball, soccer, rock climbing, hiking or surfing... If it is something you have always wanted to do, DO IT! It's only too late after you die, until than it's never too late.

Fitness & Nutrition Instructor Careers»»

Below are some cool Tips and Hints that I found interesting and or useful. I hope they'll help or interest you as well.

False Diet Myths

Over 95% of dieters regain weight because of genes, hormones & no self-control.
FALSE. Keeping weight off simply requires different skills than losing weight on a diet.

Exercise makes it easier to lose weight because it burns calories & decreases hunger.
FALSE. Exercise increases hunger & must be balanced with proper amounts of food.

I can pronounce this as proven true. I'm starving after my Karate class and keep a protein / healthy snack type bar in my car that I eat right after class.

Liposuction on your thighs permanently removes fat cells, so your thighs stay lean.
FALSE. Your body creates new fat cells in the same area as you store extra calories.

Eating everything or most things that are Low Fat is much healthier.
FALSE. Most processed & packaged foods, "fat free" usually means high in sugars.

Fruit Juice is better for dieters than Soda
FALSE. Fruit juice (pure) certainly has a higher nutritional value with vitamins and mineral content than soda drinks. However, fruit juices, even pure, are high in a sugar called fructose.

Exercise makes me hungrier and I gain weight when on an exercise program.
False. Exercise is actually an effective appetite suppressant. It will, however, make you thirsty because you will perspire, urinate and respirate fluid from your body. That is why you need to drink water before, during and after exercise.

Cutting carbohydrates helps you lose weight.
FALSE. Doing it the wrong way can make you feel rotten and unhealthy.

Other FALSE myths

  • A lot of cardio is the most efficient way to lose body fat. FALSE!
  • Calories are the only thing that counts when trying to lose body fat or gain lean muscle. FALSE!
  • The best way to lose fat is to eat very few calories. FALSE!
  • The best way to reduce the hips, glutes or abs is to perform exercise to isolate the area. FALSE!
  • The infomercial that has that cool-looking, easy-to-use abdominal machine will help me to get a flat stomach. FALSE!

Always eat breakfast
Eat some time during the morning - If you don't eat in the morning, you will be too hungry when you finally have a meal, and then you'll likely overeat.

Cut out desserts
Don't deprive yourself sweets
Deprivation is the downfall of all diets. You can have a small portion of dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth and still stick to your diet.

Don't worry about dieting - just exercise
Exercising alone is not enough. You probably won't be able to work out enough to make up for eating a huge meal.

I've lost weight because not only do I exercise, but I walk more, I've cut down on junk food snacking and drinking soda pop all the time.

High-protein/low-carbohydrate diets are a healthy way to lose weight.
The long-term health effects of a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet are unknown. Following a high-protein/low-carbohydrate diet may also make you feel:

  • Nauseous
  • Tired
  • Weak

Natural or herbal weight loss products are safe and effective.
A weight loss product that claims to be "natural" or "herbal" is not necessarily safe. Herbal products containing Ephedra have caused serious health problems and even death. When in doubt talk with your doctor.

Eating red meat is bad for your health and makes it harder to lose weight.
Eating lean meat in small amounts can be part of a healthy weight-loss plan and contain healthy nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc. Choose cuts of meat that are lower in fat and trim all visible fat. Lower fat meats include:

  • pork tenderloin
  • beef round steak
  • tenderloin
  • sirloin tip
  • flank steak
  • extra lean ground beef

Going vegetarian means you are sure to lose weight and be healthier.
Vegetarian diets should be as carefully planned to make sure they are balanced. Nutrition Specialist has said that nutrition found in animal products is not on average found in vegetarian eating regimens. Vegetarians should add the following vitamins to their diet.

  • iron
  • calcium
  • vitamin D
  • vitamin B12
  • zinc
  • protein


  • Substitute water for sodas. Subtracting just one day's worth of calorie-rich soda can make a huge difference. With all the flavored water beverages available, this is not difficult to do.

  • In the Parking garage at work, park as far away as you can to add that many more steps to walk. Even better if the car is parking on an incline.

  • Find an exercise partner and an activity you both enjoy. Having a workout buddy can make the time fly by and will pester you to actually do it with them. However, if you consistently say no, don't show up or if your constantly negative during the activity don't be surprised when they stop calling you for the regularly scheduled activity time.

  • Use an internet dieting site to help you get started and keep track of your progress and slip ups.

  • Join a diet support social group

  • Join a sport / activity you like to do or have always wanted to try.

  • Join a Weight Loss Program such as Weight Watchers

  • Join a gym and start slow or hire a trainer.

  • Sign up with a Nutritionist who will help you learn about calories, cholesterol, different kinds of fat and the whole alphabet of vitamins and minerals.

  • Take some educational courses you have always wanted to learn. learn more about being healthy by taking Health Education type classes.

If you're interested in a Nutritionist / Nutrition Specialist Career»» click her.

If your like me and have any kind of health / medical problem - What better reason can there be to lose weight and get healthy?

Obesity is a potentially deadly condition. Poor nutrition and physical inactivity account for some 300,000 premature deaths in the United States each year. People who have asthma and are obese show improved lung function when they lose weight... Breathe better, do more.

Losing weight will help prevent

  • Heart Disease and Strokes
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduce Your Risk of Some Kinds of Cancer
  • Reduce or eliminate Gout
  • Reduce or eliminate chances of Gallbladder Grief

Losing weight will help improve

  • Sleep Apnea
  • Reduce Osteoarthritis
  • Energy level
  • Mobility
  • Breathing

The number one improvement I have noticed after losing weight is I feel better about myself and much more positive. I'm more willing to try new things and meet new people that previously I never would have.

Little by little, one travels far.
J. R. R. Tolkien
British scholar & fantasy novelist (1892 - 1973)


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