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Being a Dental Care Coordinator can be a very fulfilling new career. Many Dental Assistants and Technicians find Dental Care Coordinator positions are the next great step in they're career. You get to spend a lot of time getting to know your patients as well as staff and can make a real difference in their attitude. This is a position where Customer Service really comes into play. You have the means to promote your dentist and the team to the patient so that they are excited to be in a safe and secure place where everyone is skilled, friendly and cares about they're health.

One of the responsibilities of the Dental Care Coordinator is helping the patient understand the treatment being recommended and how it can improve not only their oral health, but their over-all health. You have to make the patient feel secure in the staff and what the treatment will accomplish so that they can accept the fee as reasonable. To do that you have to find out what your patient needs and wants are. You also have to understand the treatment your dentist is recommending, what alternatives are available and why your dentist feels this patient would be better off with the treatment.

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medicalYou are the person who will be presenting treatment options and fees. Dental Care Coordinators are also responsible for the daily operations of a busy dental practice. You may supervise reception staff, manage provider schedules, and be responsible for the billing operations. This may mean that in addition to being a Manager, you may also have to play "mom" to your staff and patients.

Remember to take a moment to view the office through your patients' eyes. Drooping plants, chipped paint and ancient, messy magazines may tell patients they've stepped into an inferior office where people don't care about how they present themselves. Staff members can become immune to they're surroundings because they spend so much time in them each day, it's the Dental Care Coordinator's job to make sure the little details are not forgotten. A comfortable, well kept office and a tidy, well-presented staff are all about details.

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Here are some of the skills and attributes for Dental Care Coordinator I fond online at different job boards.

  • 2 yrs dental exp
  • Arranging referrals
  • Assist with event planning
  • Assisting with lab call backs
  • Bilingual in Spanish, a plus.
  • Bookkeeping
  • Communicating with insurance companies, other physician's offices, and patients
  • Computer proficiency
  • Dental or medical practice experience
  • Dentrix software knowledge
  • Front desk/reception operations
  • Good with children in making them feel safe and comfortable
  • Highly efficient
  • Management
  • Must be well organized
  • Outstanding verbal, written, & customer service skills.
  • Pre-authorizations for procedures and medications
  • Prescription processing
  • Self-motivated
  • Supervisory and scheduling experience

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