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Choosing a culinary arts career isn't something you do because it seems easy or you don't know what you want to do for a job. Charismatic and creative chefs have created culinary culture since before the 1880s, when France's Antoine Careme rose to stardom as chef for Napoleon and European royalty. Antoine Careme was the beginning of culinary stars such as Julia Child who created a cuisine world of understanding through cookbooks and television appearances.

Culinary ArtsHowever, no matter how they reached they're peak of success, they all have two things in common; a passion to cook great and sometimes wildly creative food designs and a culinary school degree. Culinary training is more than simply learning to cook. Students are taught about culinary portions, inventory costs, safety, nutrition, dietary friendly ingredients and how to operate a commercial kitchen. Many colleges enlist certification in Hospitality Management as well as on-site job training.

Culinary designing is a blooming business. So much so in Nevada, that the Casino Corporation Station Casinos has committed to contributing $500,000 over the next five years to The William F. Harrah College in hopes of luring students into careers and future careers with Station Casinos.

"These kinds of jobs are seen often as jobs of servitude, not service," Stuart Mann dean of the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration said.

Valerie Murzl, Station Casinos vice president of human resources, said career opportunities will be plentiful. With construction under way at Aliante Station, and future projects yet to be announced, Station Casinos will need to hire approximately 500 + employees in the next four years.

In Saratoga Springs, FL, high school students spend a few hours every day at Longfellow's Inn and Conference Center as part of a three-week culinary internship at the hotel that blends the school's existing culinary training with a new emphasis on hospitality and marketing course work.

Chefs, restaurant owners and hospitality managers are feverously looking for educated culinary artists. David McGeady, general manager of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas says "Hiring skilled people has always been a challenge, and it's one that keeps getting harder."

Before investing a lot of money in education, make sure to get some experience either in a restaurant kitchen or bakery before you invest yourself in the career. Don't go to culinary school because you think it "might" be fun. Do it because you truly love the science, art and craft of food.

What can you do with a culinary degree?

  • Food Product Development
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Baker
  • Chef
  • Dietitians and Nutritionist
  • Enologist (Directs and coordinate wine production activities)
  • Flavor Chemist
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Food critic

Opportunities in dual culinary industries also exist. If you love sports and cooking, consider a career as sports nutritionists or in a sport-themed restaurant. Theme restaurants are everywhere and a restaurant exists for almost every fan and hobby. Whether itís the Medieval Times roaster or an upscale New York gourmet steak house, people seem to love strange, different and unique foods that can only come through years of training. And fantastic food will always bring them back.


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