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Criminal Justice Career

The medium average annual salary of someone who works in a Criminal Justice career:

The standard salary averaged at $27,000 annual but is steadily growing.

Necessary Education for a Criminal Justice Career:

A Bachelor degree in Criminal Justice

What is Criminal Justice in a nutshell?

Criminal Justice is an umbrella title that can be usded to obtain specific careers such as Bailiff, Corrections Officer, Crime Scene Investigation and Police Officer

Criminal Justice Skills & Responsibilities Summery:

A person in the industry of Criminal Justice position of a Criminalist has the primary role of objectively examining physical evidence using investigative skills and practical experience. It is the Criminalists job to divide important evidence from trivial evidence that has little or no essential value. Using scientific methods the Criminalist then identifies, sorts, and compares the evidence in a way that will be useful to an investigation and trial. understanding the evidence, and the results of various tests in order to determine the truth, may be the most important work a Criminalist does. Accurate interpretations of evidence and test results help identify the circumstances at the time a crime was committed, and may reinforce a witness statement. Lastly, Criminalists supply written reports of their findings, and, may offer an expert testimony in court.

Future Outlook for Criminal Justice:

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook, Criminal Justice is projected to grow faster than average over the 2004-14 period.

What kind of jobs can Criminal Justice do?

Coast Guard
Compliance Officer
Corrections Officer
Court Clerk
Court Reporter
Crime Scene Investigation
Customs Agent
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Science
INS Agent
Police Officer
Private Investigator
Probation Officer


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