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Costume Designer

Average Annual Salary: $40,000 to $58,000


A Bachelor degree»» and continued education to stay competitive.

In a nutshell: Make & put together creative alterations to costumes and put together outfits to help create the characters.

Costume Designers are responsible for the costumes needed for movie, stage and any other type of theatrical productions. They assess the condition of whats available, and then select, procure, fit, alter and clean costumes for cast members. They also review scripts and study books, pictures and examples of costumes as well as determine how many costumes are needed for each character. Keeping track of inventory is very important. Costume Designers deal may deal with hundreds of costumes.


Attention to detail
Ability to put together a variety of accurate costumes for themes - past, present or future.
Intensive research
Good communication skills
An emphasis on customer service.
Sewing & crafting skills

Future Outlook

As there will always be theater performances there will always be a need for Costume Designers.


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