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Connectivity Internet Options Local Travelers

Connectivity Internet Options Local Travelers

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Connectivity / Internet Options For Local & Travelers

While cafes have caught on to the locals and traveler's need for online access, a lot of places just haven't figured out that there is a growing population of online users. If more businesses would provide access it would greatly benefit the business owner. Like it or not, everyone is getting connected and want to get connected not only at home, at the office and at cafes but at what may seem strange places.

I go to the park almost every weekend and I see at least 1 person with their laptop sitting at a bench typing away.

I still do my laundry at laundry mats... it's incredibly boring to sit around and wait. Sometimes I'll read but in truth I would love to bring along my laptop and type away.

Which brings me to traveling.

I've done a fair share of traveling and one my biggest gripes is my inability to get connected online. It's one of the first things I think of when I consider traveling.
Is my laptop updated with the needed remote access abilities
Is my laptop cord still good and is it long enough
Do I need an extra battery
...and the biggest problem is
Will I be able to find internet access if there isn't free wifi?

Much to my dismay I have found that most inexpensive hotels and airports still do not offer free Internet access.

Why isn't airport and hotels offering Internet access a standard free feature? Consumers are spending a lot of money to travel, the least that the travel and tourism industry could do is provide a little comfort with our beloved wi fi. Hotels offer dog and cat massages»» but not internet access?

Airport waiting has become ridiculously long. Travel Agents»» tell travelers to arrive up to 3 to 4 hours early. Than we're herded from the curb through line, to the counter to the uncomfortable "lounge" at the gate and than into the plain... moooo

For all that air flight travelers go through, I feel that having to pay for Internet access in airports is completely unscrupulous. Especially since travelers are a captive assembly and are only in the concourse for their service of air flight travel. I understand that the travel industry is a business and the industry is still feeling profit malnourishment. As such, airlines are offering this bonus and that bonus and free air miles and smiles and pens and balloons. I say keep your pins and balloons and give me free internet access!

The price of $5 to $21 for short term physical location provided internet access is outrageous. You would think airports would want to make concourses friendlier to travelers by offering a complementary service. To be fair, there are some (very few) airports that woke up smelled the coffee and actually drank it and said,

"Hey! Our customer are really grouchy and bored... I know, we'll install free wifi so the wait is more tolerable."
My thanks goes out to these airports who offer free wifi»»

I believe the free wifi airports are likely supported by advertising, but I would like to think that that most people would look at a few advertisements in return for free Internet access. Until other airport management directors drink their coffee, wheat grass, Red Bull or whatever it is they drink to wake up (lets just hope it's not out of a decorative bottle that requires you to be 21 years of age) here are some alternatives.

Internet Access Alternatives

Verizon, Cingular and Sprint among a few others offer wireless cards and access that cost up to $60 a month.
Go online (at home or the office) and look up locations before you travel. may help you with this»» as will Google local searches.

Interested in making the connection? See Networking & Computer Support»» for more information

Also Network Specialist»»


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