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Compuhigh High School Online

Where 'Real World' meets high school curriculum mastery.

Online distance learning high school Compuhigh, serves the home school community, and public school districts, with online courses and with their accredited degree programs. Compuhigh offers an assortment of quality curriculum to meet the needs and extend the educational development of home schooled high school students who are looking for valuable education at home. Compuhigh offers existing courses for those who need extra credit in pursuit of a high school diploma and is fully accredited. Compuhigh students and graduates are accepted to colleges and universities throughout the country.

Algebra, geometry, biology and English are just some of the courses offered by Compuhigh. In addition, Compuhigh provides year-round high school courses, so there is no waiting until the 'School Year' starts. All course material is online - you will not have to purchase additional textbooks and students can work at their own pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Teachers work one on one with students - responding to students within 48 hours. Compuhigh high school courses are based on achieving mastery, not just 'good enough'.

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  1. CompuHigh Distance Learning Reviewed (F = Fail)

    Do your homework before enrolling your children in CompuHigh distance learning. We have had nothing but bad experiences. My child struggles with CompuHigh's vague curriculum. Help is unheard of from their staff.

    We finally got the education director, to take our phone call (he avoided us for quite some time) and he put all the blame on our daughter She wasn't studying enough (she puts in 8-10 hours on some days), she wasn't communicating with the teachers (we have documented proof this isn't true), and she has to control her emotions (his response when we told him she was frustrated)

    In addition, you must pay for a full year in advance and only get 10 days to get a refund.

    We are exploring our opportunities now, but believe me, we will never enroll in CompuHigh again, and we will make it our mission to save parents and students from making the same mistake we made.

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