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Earning a degree or a new degree requires enormous sacrifices to your financial, social, and sometimes even your emotional well-being. For some people additional training or new career education is exactly what they need to move forward in their life. However, some people go to college for the wrong reasons which can damage their chances for life success. What are your reasons to go to college?

College is something you should treasure and should not be done out of some ghostly commitment. No one ever wants to disappointment a family member or even an entire family, but the commitment you make to college must be your own. The sacrifice you make has to be as valuable as the education and training you will receive. In other words, if you sacrifice your happiness and well being for a degree in something you really don't have the heart for than you are sacrificing your happiness for all the time you endure in that field of business. That sacrifice is not equal to what you receive in college.

If you are not sure what you want to do for a career you can choose to two different things options to consider.

1. You accept that you are not ready for college.

If this is your choice understand that this should be a time of experimentation. Try volunteering for different non-profit agencies to see what interests you. Travel some place new and learn everything about the city and meet people -- talk to them about their lives. The goal is to find out what spark will be created inside of you.

2) Go to college part time.

Take a certificate course or take some basic higher education courses. This is anther way to experiment to find out what interests you. Not knowing what you want to do for a career does not mean college is not for you, it simply means that you haven't yet found that something that is meant for you.

To know if going back to college is really the right thing for you to do. Examine the reasons that some people may have told you that college is a 'must do' thing. If you believe college is the only next step ask yourself why? There are no wrong answers when considering your future. The following are not right or wrong answers, they are simply here to help you determine if going to college now is right for you.

  • An education will bring opportunities that you don't have now.
  • An education will give you the confidence you don't have currently.
  • Someone told you to go to college.
  • College is the next step after high school.

A degree means a lot of things to a lot of people. Opportunities are one of them but it is not the only reason to go. Every one may have a different reason but you need to find the reason you want to go. You may figure out that going to college right now isn't the right choice. Than again, you may learn that college is your next step.

Careers are filled by people with a variety of educational backgrounds and life experiences. They all differs from the fields they serve to the education required and people who dedicate themselves to the business. Before you commit yourself make sure you are committing yourself to something you want to do for many years.



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