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College Students Rate The Professors

College Students Rate The Professors

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How good is the professor? You donít have to suffer through a semester of boring teachings while drinking Red Bulls and Rock Stars just to keep your eyes open. Or if you do because the good class is full, at least your know to be prepared to carry Red Bulls and Rock Stars.

Rate My Professor is a great web site. Current and former students provide future students with information that the higher education seeking consumer want. Depending on the opinion, the information is either the dirt or the gold on course professors. The web site is so popular that MTV has been dancing around the possibilities of buying it. That fact alone that a significant youth oriented business like MTV wants to own the site suggests that if colleges and universities will not provide information to students, than MTV will.

The rising college tuition combined with the earnings received after graduating has allowed college, trade school and online tuition fees to explode and temp students with a variety of options and possibilities as well as toting their reputations. Rate My Professor could be one of the primary tools a potential student could use in making a final decision in choosing a college.

I think the basic idea is a good one, I have mixed feelings about their ultimate usefulness. The students who most often fill out emailed survey seem to be the ones who either absolutely loved or absolutely hated the class, which distorts the data significantly. In one sense, it's better to get some general idea about a professor and his / her method of teaching than none at all. But I would also encourage potential students to be wary of the results.

Some things to keep in mind

  1. In a lot of classes, Teacher's Assistants (who change frequently) will likely be giving out grades, not the professors themselves.
  2. While everyone likes to get an A, an easy A by no means translates into a good class.
  3. Taking a class that you know is historically graded easily has, normally leads to slacking off which has led directly to getting the embarrassing B in the easy-A class.

Despite these simple concerns, the more informed you are before choosing a class the better. But use the site as a source of possibility and not as a "set in stone" rule. A great professor can easily make an uninteresting class great.


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